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Mother of gay young man to OneMillionMoms.com: 'I am appalled to see your protest of hate' against Ellen DeGeneres

Broward-based author/activist Deon Davis, whose teenage son Rashad came out publicly in 2009, shares with us an open letter she wrote after OneMillionMoms.com demanded that jcpenney fire new spokeswoman Ellen DeGeneres. (jcpenney declined to fire DeGeneres.)

Here's Davis' letter:

The role of a mother consists of compassion, understanding, unconditional love, and also teaching our children the rights and wrongs, and to transfer love not hate into this world. As an Activist, Author and Ambassador of Equality for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community and also the mother of a proud gay young man. I am appalled to see your protest of hate, for One Million Moms Organization to take a stand against a human being that is an abiding citizen, a leader in her community, a role model, a philanthropist and at best a married woman is a form of hatred and discrimination. I can assure you that out of one million moms that’s a part of your organization a pretty good percentage of their children are probably suffering from the lack of comfort, understanding and trust to come out as an openly gay person, this situation causes depression, low self esteem, and even suicide. God is love and a human being should not be at risk of employment or any other benefits for loving another human being regardless of their sex.

One Million Mom’s there are much more sufficient problems to address than focusing on Ellen Degeneres, and the only rejection is because she loves and married the same sex, and for the record Ellen and her family is exactly the perfect example of what shops at JC Penny’s.

We have a huge generation of our children destroyed, hurting, bullied, tormented and committed suicide because of non-accepting organizations such as yours; your group message portrays non-acceptance and hate. Being a mother myself my maternal instinct inside me would never risk the welfare of our children by the non-acceptance and public outcry for the termination of a gay person, what type of message are you sending? A message of HATE!

In parting I wish you peace, understanding and acceptance of what love truly is.



Deon Davis


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Outstanding! Thanks YOU Ms. Davis!

I am extremely shocked that in the 20th century that anyone one would be against such a kind, gentle, and beautiful person as Ellen Degeneres that gives love to all from her heart!!!!

People that have such negative feeling inside of their self really need to look inward and look in the mirror real good, church I would suggest you look for forgiveness!!! God is pure love of all people!!!!

Best Wishes

In the 21st century, there are many atrocities performed under the guises of the first amendment and human rights.

Yes, it is true that The Lord expects us to love everybody and truly that is the rule whereby we should judge our actions but it does not mean that one should condone the wrong that people does.

Hating people is wrong and so is condoning malpractices. It is known that the most violent relationships are found amongst Lesbians. The homosexual life style is linked to depression, loneliness, high health risks, suicide, confusion and lawlessness.

When your child does something wrong and you are warning them of a threat in the thing they are engaging, it does not mean that you hate your child…

Thank you

Well said !! I always wonder about these "family" oriented organizations and what they do to advocate and help children. For a half second, let's take sexual orientation out of the picture and look at real threats to kids such as poverty and hunger and homelessness. I don't see the Millions Moms getting pissed and rallying because a child is living out of his or her family's car, taking a sponge bath in a 7 Eleven restroom and going to school with an empty stomach.


Please provide your evidence, scientific study, that lesbian relationships are the most violent relationships. This is a hurtful stereotype.

What you don't understand because you are not gay or lesbian, is that it is NOT a choice. The only choice is to hide and lie about true feelings and force yourself into a "traditional" relationship. This lying destroys individuals and families.

What is incredible to me is you don't see the relationship between your and others intolerance to the depression, loneliness, and suicide you state inflict gays and lesbians. Please think for a moment and put yourself in the shoes of someone else. Imagine only finding someone of the same sex attractive, and having no attraction to someone of the opposite sex. Now imagine keeping that inside while your parents, politicians and religious leaders say it is disgusting and wrong. Imagine the pain of trying, wishing and praying you weren't different; wanting to be "normal". Now live with this throughout your teenage years, without any support. This is why there is depression, loneliness and suicide. Forcing it underground also leads to challenges in forming strong relationships and can lead to risky sex. Do you now see how your words and actions can affect those who you might not even know are gay. If we promoted tolerance and understanding of these relationships, we would realize they aren't that different than straight relationships.

Put yourself in the shoes of others and please tell me how two consenting adults who love and care for each other and their families hurts you or society in any way!

Being gay is not a choice, but hating is.

I am so proud of our country for rising up from our past injustices and understanding that we are “the people”, even the ones your bible might tell you to hate. Even if you all vote to keep us down we are still “the people”, we will be triumphant, it is the American way. Civil rights are always worth fighting for, just ask all the fallen in every war against tyranny, operation and the cruelty of discrimination. We will overcome this together as a nation. Take a look at young people and see the mass opening of the collective minds. See the cultural shift away from hate and fear of diversity. Free minds are a joyful thing. I am proud of our country today. As for God he put his beloved gay people on this earth to expose haters that burn in their own hate forever.

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