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Video | Young man secretly records his coming out conversation with mom

Daniel is a young man with a YouTube channel who this week posted a video of his coming out conversation with his mother:

Finally got the strength to come out to my mom. My Mom has been extremely supportive. I could not ask for anyone else. Love you :) Every circumstance is different and you will know when the right time to come out is. Stay strong. Babz and I are here for you. :) Note: I decided to post this so that I could share my experience with you. Hopefully it will give hope to those who do not have such supportive families. Also, I know I am on my phone the whole time. My phone is my comfort blanket. I literally cannot put it down when I'm anxious. I do not mean any disrespect to the content or conversation. OH, and she didn't know she was being recorded. I put the camera in a tissue box on top of the refrigerator.


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