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Gay Republican activist Brian Gaither of Miami quits the GOP, joins Democrats, supports Obama

Posted to Facebook by gay (former) GOP activist Brian Gaither of Miami:

Republican No More

March 14, 2012.

The Republican Party claims to support the principles of  limited government, individual liberty, fiscal discipline, a strong national defense, and civic virtue. It is a claim many believe, and for most of my life I was a believer.
Since 2008 I have been involved with the Republican Party of Miami-Dade, first as a volunteer then as elected District Committeeman, Chairman of the Voter Registration Committee, and Chairman of the Victory 2012 Committee. During this time I have spent many hours considering the best way to defeat Democrats. I was confident that to do so was in the best interests of Florida and of the country. But now I have to say, “oops!”
Even kind-hearted and public-spirited Republicans seek to radically reduce the size and scope of government. In so doing, they advocate the benefits of private institutions, the free market, and  personal charity. They say it’s good for society when everyone pursues his own goals free of government control. They promise the poor and disadvantaged will benefit (in the end, somehow).
However, the public sphere is a dynamic place where the interests of individuals, institutions, and businesses constantly compete. To limit the role of government is to purposefully surrender control to those able to exploit government’s absence. In such a place, the result of Republican policies can only be the consolidation of power among the powerful and of wealth among the wealthy. In such a place, the poor and disadvantaged will always lose.
As our society grows ever more complex, we must have a government which grows in equal measure. It must be powerful enough to arbitrate competing interests. It must be big enough to assert its place in the public sphere. And it must protect the weak from the predations of the strong.
I cannot, in good conscience, support a philosophy of limited government or any organization propagating it. In fact, it is my obligation to oppose them.
With this, I am publicly renouncing any and all affiliation with the Republican Party. I am joining the fight against its politics, its messages, and its candidates. With this, I publicly commit my support to the Democratic Party and its candidates. And I specifically endorse the re-election of President Obama.
To do anything less is unconscionable.
Brian Gaither
Miami FL


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We are all human, and I understand your long-held positions. Some of you beliefs might clash with mine, but I can engage in civil discourse and still respect you.

Now I welcome you to aid in your decisions, as you are not the only person that has felt the scary changes of the GOP. It has become crystal clear of the irony of overprotecting the wealthy while increasing the number of poor and the needs required for it. They claim less government, yet want to include a Constitutional Amendment to add Discrimination of a minority, and with its rhetoric are indicating a dismantling of Democracy in favour of Government interference of the rights to freedom of a woman's choice, and the Government ostracising minorities. Can Santorum please find a discussion outside of sex?

I know this decision must have been difficult, but one of a clean conscience. I commend you on your honesty.

You take yourself far too seriously. Nobody cares. Goodbye and good riddance to another pseudo. Why not write a book about how you were "blinded by the right"?

No wonder you could never look me in the eye.
Not two years ago, not one week ago.
Your timing is more than suspect.
Go join the Charlie Crists of Florida.

The GOP stands for smaller government, fiscal responsibility and individual freedom (and responsibility). Some, the likes of Bill Santorum (who have nothing else to talk about) bring the debate down to silly matters which do not really concern government. Or grownups. When exactly is it you decided you disagreed with any of that? What is it you noticed that some GOP are silly and bigoted? When will you realize the Ds too have skeletons in their closets. Like the Klansman from West Virginia, the Drunk-who-committed-vehicular-homicide from Massachusetts, the cyber-space flasher from New York? The Ds will not trust you any more than the Rs do. And rightly so.

I note with a chuckle that most of the negative posted comments are specifically aimed at the republican/democrat arena. I commend you for you well expressed and very legitimate concern with a proposed government which simultaneously wants to return government to the local level AND control every aspect of women's reproductive health. Gotta laugh. Good for you for bailing on a party that seems stuck in August 1959.

I welcome Mr. Gaither as he joins the rest of us in opposing Republican policies. He does an excellent job of explaining what is wrong with the party he no longer favors. I have never understood why so many people whose interests are not served by the Republican agenda nevertheless support it. I would appreciate if Mr. Gaither, having been one of those people, could dig further into the factors that enabled him to be a Republican. If we can understand how people get seduced into such self-destructive policy positions, maybe we will be better equipped to help others experience the same kind of epiphany as Mr. Gaither's.

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