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Photo collection 'Shades of Love' by Dimitris Yeros features male models, intro by Edward Albee


Greek painter and photographer Dimitris Yeros has published an oversize photo collection inspired by the poems of C.P. Cavafy. The 170-page book features dozens of male models, many nude, including Miami Beach author David Leddick. Insight Editions, $75.

Here's the news release and a few featured photos:

DAVID LEDDICK From renowned painter and photographer Dimitris Yeros comes a collection of photographs inspired by the classic poems of one of the greatest writers of the 20th century: Constantine P. Cavafy.

Yeros has produced nearly seventy photographic illustrations using a mixture of models and fellow members of the artistic community such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Gore Vidal, Carlos Fuentes, Jean Baudrillard, Duane Michals, Clive Barker, Chuck Close, and Jeff Koons as his subjects.

In the book there are, also, several nude images of handsome, young men.

The book, which was recently released in the US bookstores by “Insight Editions”, California, was introduced by John Wood while the foreword was written by Edward Albee.

You can get a “taste” of the book in this link: http://www.yeros.com/site/shades.html

In addition, a selection of these images was exhibited last December in Athens by the renowned Michael Cacoyannis foundation.

You can see some aspect of the show here: www.youtube.com/dyerostudio

These striking images bring out every nuance of Cavafy's writing with romance, intrigue, humor, despair, and eroticism each playing a part.

DAYS OF 1901 In addition to its visual richness, the book presents new English poetic translations of Cavafy by David Connolly which are faithful to the original Greek works while bringing them to life for a new group of readers.

Recognized as an artist who is always pushing boundaries and thinking of new, innovative ways to transform his photography, Dimitris Yeros saw now as the perfect time to match his photographs to some great poetry—namely, to a specially commissioned translation of some of C P Cavafy’s most powerful poems. Yeros combines the words of Greece’s best known poet with photographs—bringing the two art forms together on the page in a way rarely seen before.

In Shades of Love, Yeros’s aim was to bring out the nuances of Cavafy’s poetry by creating images that replicated his words. To put it modestly, Yeros succeeds in fusing his photography with Cavafy’s poetry, but, as his fans will recognize, he pushes even further. This visionary artist takes these two art forms, blending them in a way that the reader will see what Yeros saw: that they were always meant to be together.

Step into this brave world where poetry and photograph are fused in a boundless, complex collaboration that sets out to explore and blur the lines between light and dark, youth and age, seen and unseen.

Certainly no contemporary photographer is more "poetic" in the larger contexts of the term than Dimitris Yeros is, but he is also poetic in the smallest and most technical contexts, as well.  In these photographs he does not focus on the complete poem, Cavafy's full narrative of the event, but on its most shimmering moment.  These photographs then are synecdoches, classic poetic and rhetorical figures in which a part is used to suggest the whole.  Poets utilize this device constantly, along with metonymy, in which a thing is replaced by something else that suggests it in richer or more complex ways.  Yeros's genius is to bring to photography, which is a fresh, young, not even two-centuries-old art, the techniques of the most ancient of arts.  And in so doing Yeros has created one of the most lyrical evocations of masculinity within the photographic arts.

John Wood, from the Introduction

Constantine P. Cavafy (April 29, 1863 - April 29, 1933), was a renowned Greek poet who lived in Alexandria, Egypt. In his poetry he examined critically some aspects of Christianity, patriotism, and homosexuality, though he was not always comfortable with his role as a nonconformist. He published 154 poems; dozens more remained incomplete or in sketch form.

Cavafy was instrumental in the revival and recognition of Greek poetry both at home and abroad. His poems are, typically, concise but intimate evocations of real or literary figures and milieu that have played roles in Greek culture. Uncertainty about the future, sensual pleasures, the moral character and psychology of individuals, homosexuality, and a fatalistic existential nostalgia are some of the defining themes.

Dimitris Yeros is a painter and photographer who has had over fifty individual exhibitions of his work held in Greece and abroad in locations such as Berlin, Milan, and New York. He has also participated in numerous international group exhibitions, biennials and triennials around the world. Past publications of his photographs include Theory of the Nude, Periorasis, and a self-titled book of his paintings. Works by Dimitris Yeros can be found in private collections, national galleries and museums around the world.

Edward Albee is one of the greatest living American dramatists, best known for his works Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Zoo Story, The Sandbox, and The American Dream. His plays have been performed on stages around the globe. He has received many awards, including three Pulitzer Prizes for drama and a Special Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement (2005).

John Wood is an award-winning poet and photography critic who has written and edited over thirty books. In 2005, he co-curated the Smithsonian Institution/National Museum of American Art exhibition "Secrets of the Dark Chamber: The Art of the American Daguerreotype.". His latest book of poetry, Endurance and Suffering, won the 2009 Deutscher Fotobuchpreis Gold Medal.

David Connolly is Professor of Translation Studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has written extensively on the theory and practice of literary translation and has translated over thirty books by leading Greek authors, for which he has received awards in the UK, the US, and Greece.


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