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Cuban president's daughter, Mariela Castro, to meet with gay groups in San Francisco


SAN FRANCISCO -- Cuban first daughter Mariela Castro is planning to meet with San Francisco's lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual community during a U.S. visit next week that is being opposed by some Cuban-American politicians.

The San Francisco LGBT Center said Friday that it would host the meeting Wednesday night, the day before Castro is scheduled to lead a panel at a conference organized by the Latin American Studies Association.

The 50-year-old daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro is a noted gay rights advocate in her country and head of Cuba's National Center for Sex Education.

Gloria La Riva, an organizer with a coalition of anti-war groups called ANSWER SF, says Castro also is scheduled to give a talk at San Francisco General Hospital on Wednesday afternoon about Cuba's policies toward transgender people.


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Wonder if she could get Cuba as a sponsor for our Pridelines Gala?


In Communist Cuba, there is no freedom for anyone: gay or straight. Mariela Castro is an apologist for the dictatorial, disastrous Communist regime in Cuba. The lack of freedom of the press, freedom of speech, etc. affects everyone in that island regardless of sexual orientation.

Where have you being "gays of San Francisco"? Did you ever questioned why homosexuals in "Communist" Cuba were and are still considered to be less than animals? Did you ever complained about the concentration camps? The public tribunals? The suicides? Did you ever showed any solidarity with the suffering of your Cuban brothers and sisters? No. I don't remember that you ever did. But now you are touting and toasting nothing more or less than the henchman's daughter!You are nothing! You are pitiful! As far as I am concerned you shouldn't be considered gay. Shame on you! SHAME!

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