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'2 Jews, 3 Opinions: The New Sanhedrin' 7 p.m. Wednesday at Next@19th near downtown Miami

From Next@19th at Temple Israel of Greater Miami:

2 Jews, 3 Opinions: The New Sanhedrin - Be Fruitful And Multiply? Really?

Layout 2 How does this commandment and strong Jewish value fit into a contemporary lifestyle? How does it inform our opinions about sexuality, birth control, creativity, definitions of marriage and family, over/re-population and our economic realities?

Next@19th's New Sanhedrin is a modern system of argument based on the principles of the original Sanhedrin of the early Rabbis. Programs address today's most challenging issues. All are welcome: come vote with their feet, moving from side to side as the arguments progress.



137 NE 19 St, Miami, Florida 33132

NEXT@19th Street is located on the campus of Temple Israel’s historic site in downtown Miami located within walking distance between the Arsht Center to the South and the Wynwood Arts District to the North and West, placing it in the center of Miami’s exciting arts geography.

Plentiful FREE parking is immediately across the street in our abundant parking lot.


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