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Movie review | Channing Tatum as 'Magic Mike' *** (with official trailer)

Miami Herald / Miami.com review:


This likeable comedy about male strippers, starring Channing Tatum and directed by Steven Soderbergh, is nothing but a good time.

BY CONNIE OGLE, cogle@miamiherald.com

If you can look past all the flesh and the thongs and the thrusting — and I admit that is an almost impossible task and probably not one you’d want to undertake anyway — what’s most distinctive about Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike is its sense of fun. This film about male strippers in Tampa, inspired by actor Channing Tatum’s real-life experiences, is as similar to Showgirls as stripping is to investment banking. Soderbergh and screenwriter Reid Carolin purposely pay only scant attention to the dirty side of the business (the drugs, the fluffers, the general seediness) in order to put forth an entirely original yet unsurprising idea: Sometimes, hot young guys take off their clothes on stage to reap the rewards of women, money and the never-ending party.

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If a gay guy wants to see strippers, he does not need to see the movie. He goes to a club, grabs, touches and holds on.

If a woman wants to see strippers, she goes to a club and touches them all she wants with her friends, who gigGle and then goes home to her personal banana.

I think the only way the movie would be worht it is if Channing Tatum performs live and both of the aforementioned groups can ogle and touch.

Otherwise, a waste of time.

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