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Christian Family Coalition endorses Joe Martinez for Miami-Dade County mayor in Aug. 14 election

The conservative Christian Family Coalition has endorsed Joe Martinez for mayor of Miami-Dade County in the upcoming Aug. 14 election.

Martinez, currently the commission chairman, is opposing incumbent Mayor Carlos Gimenez. Also running: Edna Diaz, Gary Johnson, Farid Khavari, Helen Williams and Denny Wood.

Here is the Coalition's news release, including other new endorsements for commission and Miami-Dade County School Board:

"It is with great pride today that we endorse Joe Martinez, chairman of the Board of County Commissioners for mayor of Miami-Dade County.  Chairman Martinez has a keen understanding of the unique problems facing our diverse community from the foreclosure and healthcare crisis facing our families, to issues of speech equality, allowing an invocation at the start of County commission meetings, to his respect for marriage as one man, one woman.  His bold approach to these difficult matters is to bring people together and build bridges of understanding, in a community which is sometimes polarized, it is refreshing to see an elected official who has the ability to unite all of us as one.  We look forward to working closely with Chairman Martinez in the coming days and weeks as we labor to make Miami-Dade County, the world class community that it is"

Additional endorsements for the Board of Miami-Dade County Commissioners include:

District 1 - Shirley Gibson

District 3 - Keon Hardemon

District 11 - Manny Machado

In the Miami-Dade School Board race:

District 5 - Daniel "Dan" Espino


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I will not be voting for or recommending any of these candidates (or anyone else recommended by the so-called "Christian Family Coalition"). This group is very backward, intolerant, and anti-gay. I strongly urge gay (and any tolerant voters who aren't prejudiced against gays) to inform themselves about the candidates and always vote.

Don't worry, Pedro. These people, with the exception of Espino, have little to no chance. Especially Joe.

Elaine you are such an idiot, and that's putting it nicely. First of all, you are not a real reporter, never have been and never will be. Nobody reads your stupid blog anyway, you are just like that bad mouth sore that doesn't go away, even worse, every time I see you at these political events that you seem to self invite yourself, all I think about when I see you is "a bad case of flaming hemorrhoids". That's what you always remind me of, funny. How much did Gimenez pay you this time? Your personal opinions don't reflect anything of who these candidates are and what they represent. If you really want to make a difference than right about real problems that actually hurt this community, like sexual predators, crime, elderly abuse, etc. Because you claim to be exposing politicians who are bad, but it seems that it is the opposite with you, you are defending the politicians who are most corrupt, let me guess, $$$$$$, yeah that's right. Do us all a favor and stay home, nobody wants to see your fugly face, you are so obnoxious. And what is most beautiful about this country is that you have the choice to be gay or not, as well as those who chose to like them or not. As long as everyone respects each other, that's what matters. And by the way, Joe is so gonna wipe the floor with your little buddy Gimenez. It's not like you are helping with your useless blog anyway. Get a life.

Stevie let me set the record "straight." I am not Gay, but I would not vote for joe Martines at all. This is not the first time that he is two-face. Years ago he attempted to run for Mayor & the Christian Coalition did not supported him & now he is telling the Christian Coaltion that he is against abortion & Gay "rights," not priveleges, onky to win. Remember "rights" are not "priveleges." Joe undermindedly also had the county donate under500 to $500 to El Rey Jesus so he could speak to voters two Sunday's ago. He also had the Christian Coalition distribute flyers at El Rey Jesus. He has the "right" to do what he did by saying what he said, but to give money of tax payers to Church is wrong because the tax payers are not all Christians.

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