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DirectMale.com offers promotional vouchers for products targeted to gay men

DirectMale.com is an online voucher company that provides product specials targeted to the gay male consumer. From the website:

logo Direct Male started in 1992 and is the pioneer in the affinity and niche marketing arena, connecting you, the gay male consumer, to companies that want to do business with you.  Way back then we were distributing award-winning card packs of promotional advertising material sealed in a foil wrapper to tens of thousands of gay male households through the U.S. Postal Service.  We’re sure a lot of you remember us then, wrapped in layers of luscious black and gold.   What can we say?  It was the ‘90s.

For 10 years, it was our goal to provide quality products and services to gay men from companies that covet your business.  That is true still today.  We are still rooted in the heart of Dupont Circle, Washington D.C., we’ve polished our look and equipped ourselves to enter this digital age with the same passion and conviction (and some of the same people too).


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i guess the various groups like one million moms (bigots) havent seen this one yet.

Phter wise they would send their several shousand ignorantiis here.

OM Is a n ofshoot of the AFA, which along with the FRC are two of the most vile faux christian hate groups in America.

We finally got FRC at least outed - perkisn, the president, is a racists

George Rekers, founder of FRC and former head of Narth, which claims to fix gays, well it didn't work too well on him.................Queer as a 3 $ bill. (with appolgies to the gay community)

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