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Ex-gay group: 'New survey finds counseling to reduce homosexuality can be effective, beneficial'

News release from People Can Change, a Virginia-based group  for "men who have resolved unwanted same-sex attractions."

The group will host a "Journey Into Manhood" weekend Nov. 30-Dec. 2 in Palm Beach:

In a new survey of almost 500 people who have ever sought professional counseling to lessen unwanted homosexual attractions, more than half (55%) said the counseling was effective in causing the frequency and intensity of their homosexual attractions to diminish. And seven out of 10 said they were either satisfied (25%) or very satisfied (46%) with their counseling experience.

The survey was conducted by People Can Change (www.peoplecanchange.com), an international nonprofit organization of men who have successfully transitioned away from unwanted homosexuality who now support others seeking similar change. People Can Change sent the survey to its email lists of people who have experienced or are seeking sexual-orientation change, as well as therapists and leaders of ministries that support such change efforts. A total of 474 people from 19 countries answered the survey.

The survey is especially timely now as counseling to reduce same-sex attractions is again in the news. In California, the state legislature is preparing to send a bill (S.B. 1172) to the governor that would ban such therapy for minors, based on the theory that it is allegedly ineffective or harmful, and minors should always be encouraged to embrace "gay pride" instead. Meanwhile, the large "ex-gay" Christian ministry, Exodus, is suffering a serious rift within its membership over whether therapy is effective and whether significant sexual-orientation change really occurs.

The People Can Change survey found other reported outcomes from counseling were:

  • 53% of respondents said their unwanted homosexual behaviors were reduced or eliminated
  • 38% said heterosexual attractions emerged or increased
  • 58% said any remaining homosexual attractions became less troubling
  • 69% said their self-esteem improved
  • 69% said their shame diminished
  • 71% became more self-accepting
  • 66% felt more at peace

"Hundreds of people are telling us their counseling worked, they benefited significantly, it helped them feel better about themselves -- and in some cases it even saved their lives," said Rich Wyler, founder and director of People Can Change. "Their voices have been largely silenced or ignored by pro-gay activists and mainstream media in favor of a more politically correct view, but the experience of these men and women is real. It is valid. They can tell you from firsthand experience that counseling to reduce homosexuality can be effective, even life-saving. Their voluntary choice to pursue change deserves respect."

Contrary to allegations of frequent harm, the survey found that only one in six respondents (17%) reported ever feeling harmed in any way by their counseling experience -- and this includes some who felt disrespected by counselors who turned out to have a gay-affirming bias and refused to support a client's desire to pursue change.

In fact, for many, the counseling was lifesaving. Among respondents who had experienced serious suicidal thoughts at one time, 76% said that as a result of the counseling, those thoughts became either much less (60%) or somewhat less (16%) serious and frequent. In comparison, 11% said their suicidal thoughts increased.

A full summary of the survey will be published shortly at www.peoplecanchange.com.


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Being gay isn't a sickness that needs to be cured.

Take a look at a couple of our videos:

Ryan Kendall talks about surviving so-called conversion therapy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYnkYu2S5xQ&feature=share&list=UUPLVyoUVfb0_a__9rDzVwdg

Licensed therapist and survivor James Guay talks about his experiences: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ynzxm1epms&feature=share&list=UUPLVyoUVfb0_a__9rDzVwdg

Fundamentally, people like Journey Into Manhood offers false hope based on deceptive premises and deep denial.

I look forward to this research being incorporated into the next edition of Dr. Tobias Fünke's "The Man Inside Me."

Hate and bigorty from the pro-gay community to the ex-gay community is a sad and pathetic attempt to try and bully those who no longer agree that their sexual behavior is more than just that, a behavior. I'm proud to earn the wrath and hate of shallow and superficial pro-gays because they don't understand that for the majority of people sexuality is not static. I find it funny how pro-gay people will accept those who slept with women then chose to come out as gay and believe them as being fully gay without pointing to the fact that they had made a sexual behavior choice to stop slepping with women and started sleeping with men. If you want to follow the pro-gay narrative those people who slept with women before men are not truly gay since they decided to sleep with more than just the same sex. Being gay is marketed as a static component of sexuality, unchangeable and irreversable. If gays really believed that they would not accept gays who had ever touched or thought about being with a woman since they are traitors to being gay since they had a thought or feeling that wasn't 110% gay. Ironic how gays love to accept those who once slept with women and now sleep with men yet try to tell the world that there is harm in making a choice once you are gay to change your preferance. They are scared to lose members is what it sounds like since they are full of lies and excuses as to why gays are harmed and how men who start out by sleeping with women and then change to men are somehow not allowed to ever change their sexual behavior. The lies of the gays are easy to see and they are to drunk with their own image and cultural influence to entertain any logic or reason to their debate. Gays need to be right at all costs because to insinuate that being gay can be unhealthy and that many gays live shorter lives due to their choice in sexual behavior is somehow the worst thing in the world. To the hate-filled pro-gay bigots-bring it on. Your hate and lies might be more popular than unpopular but that doesn't make it right. I have the confidence to stand up to such crazy comments by pro-gay radicals because they sold out their logic for an ideology that doesn't mesh with reality.

Radical homosexual activists vehemently deny that homosexual people can change, so let's take a look at the scorecard and see if that claim stands up to the facts: number of homosexual people proven to be unable to change = 0; number of homosexual people proven to have changed = thousands. That's got to tell us something! See more at http://rethinkingtheology.com/2012/07/29/truth-and-hope-for-gays-and-lesbians/

Grayson, Jnjaist, you know nothing of the openly gay community; only of those troubled by their same-gender desires and who wish to to change them to fit in to straight society.

"Ex-gay" therapy starts out with the idea that gay people are sick, that there is something wrong with us. As a married gay man, both my husband and I have never had any desire to be with a woman, and no shame for that. We also have no animus for people who are heterosexual or bisexual: everyone is on their own journey.

It isn't we who are doing the hating: it's the anti-gay proponents of this kind of therapy who hate gays and lesbians.

Being homosexual is not a mental or physical sickness. To put sin in the category of mental or physical sickness is error. Just like adultery, and fornication, homosexuality is a condition or a preference and a choice a person makes. Counseling, in some instances, is beneficial. To slam, or put down a person is not the goal and it is not right. To denounce counseling that helps is not right, either. To identify the reason or reasons for pursuing homosexuality, adultery, or fornication comes from understanding the definition of sin. Sin is lawlessness. When we start there, we find the reason why we do what we do. Then we look at what Jesus said. "Repent..." Or turn from sin. From there, we accept the grace of God to free us from enslaving yokes of bondage to sin and accept the freedom offered by Jesus. Believing in Christ is not therapy. Believing in Christ is salvation from sin and turning to Christ to help up stay free from sin. I know that many will disagree. And many will vehemently denounce what I shared as religious bigotry and hate speech. My intent is not to hate but to share in love the love of God, the gospel or good news of Jesus. That you can be free.

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