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Ros-Lehtinen on gay marriage ban: 'We’re calling on the Supreme Court to correct this injustice'

From U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Miami, one of about 75 leading Republicans now supporting marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples:

“I have joined many other Republicans in signing a legal brief demonstrating that the right to marry should be constitutionally supported for all Americans. It isn’t correct to unfairly restrict the rights of equality and justice upon which our great nation was founded. We’re calling on the Supreme Court to correct this injustice and to bestow constitutional freedoms for all. We have taken a historic stride toward equality with the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’. I have also supported other pro-equality legislation such as the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, the Student Non-Discrimination Act, and the Every Child Deserves a Family Act. It should not be constitutional that we continue to deny to LGBT Americans rights enjoyed by others. We must act now to ensure the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution are applied to all Americans.”


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When same sex couples can bear children as a couple, then you can legalize gay marriage. God commands us to go forth and multiply.

So unmoral, same sex relationships are so wrong for so many reasons, im afraid to bring a child into this world but God is faithful!

I always thought the purpose of sex was to procreate.

Gays make me sick. I know I'm only one of many that doesn't want my son asking me, "daddy why are those 2 guys holding hands?". Honestly, what the hell is wrong with people and politicians to think this is ok. Being gay is unnaturaly disgusting and should not be supported. Think about it... 2 men or 2 women cannot get pregnant. See my point? Thank you. This country was not founded for this. I love my country but I hate the direction its going. I'm sick of seeing support and time waisted on this kind of crap when there is real problems to deal with. Like the budget cuts and how about hundreds of illegal aliens running around the country. Good job government.. wtf

Actually gays and lesbians can have children. DUH it's the twenty first century folks. And nick how would you know if same sex relationships are wrong? You've never even been in one!

Gays make u sick ? How about your hate mongering n

You should be ashamed explaining to your children why other people make you sick.

You're nothing more than a Biggot. Shame on You !!

I'm not ashamed to explain right from wrong. It simply not natural.

Same sex unions have been observed in all mammals, many birds, fishes and reptiles. You think God would make such a mistake?

Here's a wonderful example: http://articles.cnn.com/1999-09-18/nature/9909_18_gay.vulture.parents_1_vultures-second-egg-keepers?_s=PM:NATURE

What part of "with liberty and justice for ALL" don't people get?

Marriage = Man + Woman. Gays are mentally retarded people. It is a shame that some politicians are taking advantage of it just to win elections. Shame on You Ileana Ros-Lehtinen!

Gay people should have the same rights as heterosexuals. Why do people always have to comment about Religion when it comes to equality rights and throw in the name of "God". "God" is not the issue/the issue is equality and having the same rights as heterosexuals have. Everyone has rights and the right to marry whom you want to or be with is your choice not anyone else choice. Live and let others live their lives as they see fit.

I would have an easier time explaining to my child why those two men are in love and holding hands than I would the vitriol, name calling, and pure hatred expressed in some of these postings. I would have a really hard time explaining that since the Lord is perfect and makes no mistakes, how could he have allowed such hateful people to inhabit His earth.

We are becoming more like "Sodom & Gomorrah" every day Gd have mercy on us!

So, the reason people get married is procreation, "Go forth and multiply". What about heterosexual couples that decide, and it is their decision, not to have children? Should they be forbidden to marry? The main reason for same gender marriage is legal, folks..we are talking about equal rights under the law.

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Gov. John Huntsman, Republicans I could vote for.

Seems that Rep Ross-Lehtinen is just starting to accept Darwin theory

wonder how much money she got paid for this nauseating ploy!

Here we go again. To those that being gay or a lesbian is an abomination, are you going to reject your children if they choose to be gay? Live and let live. I'm not gay but I rather be around gay people than child molesters, wife beaters and other disgusting HETEROSEXUALS.

Why wouldnt ahe support this? Ileana has a transgendered child. Cheney supports gay marriage, he has a gay daughter. You dont think Dick freacking Cheney is republican enough? This isn't a rep. Vs. dem issue, it's a people issue. I have a gay sibling. You think he chose that? You people who bring up God make me sick. Bunch of phony bolonies.

Wow...some of the people on here are making the same kinds of arguments against gays and lesbians (like, we have bigger fish to fry) as some slave owners in Washington did when the emancipation proclamation and the ending of chattel slavery was the issue.

Your GOD might not approve, or maybe he does but you're too stupid to understand the writings. Either way, your religion will not and can not impose on the lives of the rest of the American citizens. So deal with it, or get the hell out. You go Ileana!! I'm an independent who's not a big fan of republicans these days...but I sure am a fan of you!!

I am almost more disgusted by these hatemongers throwing in the name of God to justify their hatred than by their hatred itself. If there is a God out there, he or she or it -whatever it is- is not like these bigots down here on Earth. Shame on you, hatemongers. The world would be a better place without your kind.

Tom in Miami

So is it cool to hang out with Homosexuals that molest little boys? The debate here is about rights.....Gay couples have many rights now that can be accomplished through contracts. I believe society has come along way, but what is never discussed is that traditional marriage is under assault.

It is so disgusting to read the vitroil spewed on this blog. I'm ashamed to live in South Florida.

You people need to learn to live your lives without hating and shunning others who lead different lives. Sexual orientation isn't a choice; nobody chooses to have people hate them, ridicule them, and discriminate against them.

Stop using God and the Bible to support your hatred and ignorance, and start living and actually interacting with gay men and women. They're not the monsters you make them out to be.

I'm happy some people have morals.....this gay agenda is ridiculous!

A right for "all Americans" to marry... soon we are going to see incestuous couples, polygamists and zoopheliacs demanding their rights too to marry whoever or whatever they want.

Homosexual couples already have their "civil unions" and the financial rights that come with it. I really don't understand their constant attack and denial to accept the fact that marriage is between a man and a woman.

This is a moral, ethical and social issue. We don't need a decadent society.

We are all entitled to our personal opinions, but to deny the same legal coverage and responsibilities to someone due to their personal behavior is unacceptable.

Ask anyone who has gone though a divorce and you will quickly find out that marriage is a financial union not a religious one. It is those financial duties and obligations that are the issue here, not biblical ones.

I am really impressed by your comments on this issue Ms Ros-Lehtinen. Never thought I would hear this from you. Congratulations.

smh --- gay folks have the same rights as every other americans --- the union of marriage is between a man and a woman ---

Newsflash haters. We are going to have full marriage equality in your lifetime. It may not come next month when the SCOTUS takes up the cases, but it will happen. You will be FORCED to see us get married. You WILL SEE two men or women holding hands!

Your nasty words are old and tired, and to be honest, doesn't bother the gay community anymore. You know why? You are in the minority and irrelevent.

Hopefully one day you will be able to finally come out of the closet and accept who you really are. Your homophobia isn't fooling anyone.

Isn't it funny brian -- you voiced ur opinion and let the world now that you are gay - I voiced mines and said that its not right for two man to sleep together and I am a homophobic

what good comes out of two man sleeping together

you certainly did born out of a man

Oh Alex, why are you trolling the Herald's gay blog?

Plenty of elderly and infertile hetero couples Wed all the time. Children are not always the end all of a government issued marriage.

Focus on your life and not others.

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