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Should the Boy Scouts accept gay members? Share your views for an upcoming story

boy scouts On Sunday before the Super Bowl, President Obama said Boy Scouts of America should allow gay members. The Boy Scouts board is expected to vote on whether to lift the national ban on Wednesday. There are scouting chapters throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and the Florida Keys.

Do you agree or disagree with the president? Tell us what you think for an upcoming story.

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All = All.

The Boy Scouts should not discriminate. When they say The Pledge of Allegiance - the last words are "with liberty and justice for all". There is no asterisk at the end that indicates * All = everyone like us. NOT them.

All = All.

More than 'allowing gays', the Boy Scouts should simply not discriminate. If they do, they should proudly give up the tax free status and simply tell their membership "We prefer fear to acceptance. We prefer exclusion to tolerance."

By the way, I am an Eagle Scout and have written to the Boy Scouts of America with my opinion. My company (which provides Scout programs) has made it our policy we will only present for Troupes that are working for acceptance of GBLT members and leadership.

The Boy Scouts' refusal to lead on this issue has already scarred enough children and adults. A separate but equal policy, allowing each chapter to decide whether or mot to accept gay leaders/mbers would be a cop out: A more nuanced form of discrimination. It is time for the BSA to apologize for its failure to lead and to start the process of Nanking amends. Yes, the President is right, they should allow gay members.

While in my personal opinion the Scouts should accept any boy that wants to be one into their ranks, they are a private entity and as such are entitled to make their own policies.

I think President Obama routinely cheapens his post by sticking his nose into private and local matters. We have bigger, more pressing issues such as unemployment, youth violence and the Arab Winter that require attention from the executive.

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