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Young gay Haitian man, mother make video to discuss homosexuality and his coming out

From Mike Gauyo:

mikeI made a video about the subject of homosexuality and coming out to your Haitian parents. I have two other Haitian friends that are out to their parents and I feel that that are many more who are not out because they feel they are not able to communicate it to their parents. Hopefully the video helps someone who comes from a Haitian household or any other island country where the topic of homosexuality is still very taboo.

In the video my mother and I discuss my coming out story and how here feelings changed toward homosexuality.

Check it out and feel free to share. I know that their is a large Haitian community in Florida and hopefully someone can benefit from this.

On YouTube:

This is a retelling of my coming out story to My Haitian Mother, Maggie. We discuss homosexuality and coming out to Haitian parents. I hope this video is of help to any Haitian kid, or any kid whatever there ethnicity. It's not a subject that should be so taboo in island cultures and its time that we talked about it.


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