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Christian Family Coalition of Miami-Dade County: 'Take Action Now! Stop "Transsexual" Ordinance!'

News release from the Christian Family Coalition of Miami-Dade County:



The Miami-Dade Commission wants to pass a dangerous law that will force all places to open bathrooms and dressing rooms to "transsexuals." (men who allege they are women, and women to allege they are men) If one objects, they will be fired, sued and fined!

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That is interesting. I have no opinion on this. Logical thinking would require that the body's physiology determines the gender, not the "feeling" as far as the use of bathrooms is concerned.

But then if I see a female in the stall peeing, it will be awkward for me too.

This is a tough issue ;)

Transgender people are God's children, just like everyone else. Whatever the outcome, I hope that all participants in the debate remember that.

From a non-religous view, I think this ordinance is a stretch. We have to think of the safety of the general population when dealing with issues like this. More than likely, women will not feel comfortable sharing bathroom with a male who claims to be transgendered. But under this ordinance, he will be allowed to used the female restroom.

If you let the one who is actually transgendered in, you have to let all who claim to be in as there is no method to differentiate.

As an educator, I think about the children though. I can pee with a gay guy next to me... I'm pretty sure I have- who could tell? But the thought of my daughter or female students having to pee next to a guy (who claims to be transgendered) is ridiculous - and that scenario is presented with this ordinance.

I'm all for equality, but this is stupidity at its best.

Sigh. I'm a transwoman and lesbian. I've been out for many years, and I only use women's restrooms, never have had an issue. We are in there for one purpose. See to it and leave.

Those who would cause issue in restrooms don't care about this law, they'll do it anyway. All not passing it will do is create potential issues for those of us who are legitimate.

Can you imagine a transwoman using a mens room? Ridiculous.

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