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Russian LGBT teens outed, beaten on camera; videos posted, seen by thousands on YouTube

Russian LGBT activists report that gay male teens there are being targeted by Neo-Nazis who set them up with online dates, then torture and humiliate them.

The boy in this video, believed to be about 15, is forced to out himself on camera, give his full name, parents' names, his address and school. His assailants laugh at him and after more than 20 minutes, douse him with a bottle of urine and kick him.

From Spectrum Human Rights on YouTube:

We would never know what occurred after the camera went out. Naturally, all his personal details were released to the general public and viewed by millions in Russia. Infamous Russian ultranationalist and former skin head, Maxim Martsinkevich, known under the nickname "Cleaver" (or "Tesak" in Russian) spearheaded a country wide campaign against (primarily male) LGBT teens using a popular social network VK.com to capture, torture and ultimately out unsuspected male teen victims.


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I come from Poland and I know that those guys are very dangerous...Russians can be ruthless. We should boycott the Olympics in 2014. I know I will.

Any hated group is outed this way now. Which group depends on where you live. In the US we do the same to people who hope to meet underage teens for sex. We make profitable tv shows out of shaming them and ruining their lives instead of beating them. The only reason we don't beat those people is because we would go to prison for doing so. Otherwise we would do the same thing to them.

It is pathetic to think in this advanced day and age there are bullies who act like this. The shame of it is they think this is the correct thing to do. If they could only see themselves for what they are and the utterly stupid thinking that prevails in their small small world, maybe they would stop. LETS BAN EVERYTHING that has to do with this kind of thinking and action both here in the US, and in other countries. THINKERS BEWARE. THIS IS SERIOUS. Action is needed.

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