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Social Security to only recognize gay married couples in states where gay marriage is legal

GeidnerReporter Chris Geidner of BuzzFeed reports that at this time Social Security will only give benefits to same-sex married spouses who live in states where gay marriage is legal.

Geidner writes:

The decision means claims from same-sex couples married where such couples can legally marry but who live in a state that does not recognize such marriages are having their applications put on hold for the time being.

In other words, legally married couples living in states including Florida would not now be eligible to begin collecting spouses' Social Security benefits.

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I understand, President, Obama, is considering a executive order to fix this, mandating all states recognize, out of state, same sex marriages, just like they do any other marriage

This is a completely misleading headline. They did not deny the claims, they put the claims on hold.

Anthony, thanks.

It is accurate to say that as of the announcement, only claims from states where gay marriage is legal will be recognized.

The story makes clear that other claims are being put -- on hold -- not dismissed or thrown out.

No one knows how long these claims will be on hold.


...just another example of how "they" keep playing with our lives. Never let down your guard....always stay "on point". We will overcome these injustices...but it won't happen unless we push for it!!!

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