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Video | Russian gay activist Nikolai Alexeyev is questioned by investigative committee

Translated from Russian by Google Chrome:

LGBT activist questioned in the UK in the case Mizulina

Russian human rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev was summoned to the Investigative Committee of the case of insulting the deputy of the State Duma Elena Mizulina. On Wednesday, August 14, LGBT activist Nikolai Alekseev movement has come in for questioning in the TFR. According to investigators, a human rights activist left on the Net a few offensive comments to the deputies of the State Duma. The fact that the head of the State Duma Committee on Family Elena Mizulina and her deputy Olga Batalina filed a complaint against the LGBT activist in the TFR, it became known at the end of July. Case Against Alexeyev was filed on the grounds of crimes under Part 2 of Art. 128.1, p. 319 of the Criminal Code "Slander, insulting a government official." Investigators suspect that in the period from May to June 2013 published by unidentified persons in the Internet "harmful" material in the public domain. Reports allegedly contained insults and deputies Mizulina Batalina as officials. - I am ready for any development of the situation, ready to answer all the questions I will ask - said Nikolai Alekseev reporters before the interrogation. - Ms. Mizulina, apparently, can not sleep at night, rereading my tweeter. I do not know which to me can be a claim: I did not offend anyone, simply stated his position in those messages that are published. I have 11,000 messages in Twitter, which I make a complaint. This is a general public tweeter where you can say anything to anyone. If the court finds me guilty, then I'll be working where I am told, but I do not have a lawyer, I do not need, and I have nothing to hide. Recall Duma deputy Mizulina was one of the initiators of the law banning promotion of non-traditional sexual relationships, which in irritation perceived LGBT activists and their supporters.


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Where is Nikolai? His Facebook account has been hacked. I have been requesting a pic of him holding a sign with today's date on it. Each time I do this the post is deleted. Please help

Mike, his account went down yesterday when I was trying to IM him, he was shwing as online at the time but did not respond. It defintiely has not being him on the account for the last few days. I am also very worried. I contacted CNN and MSNBC, perhaps you could do the same. A few blogs are starting to report on it so far today but no major news outlets.

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