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Florida lesbian couple’s goal: A big gay TV wedding


For Pam DiMuccio, it would be the ultimate triumph delivered by one of her favorite TV personalities: To join partner Liz Hillen in a rare, nationally televised gay wedding officiated by Bravo channel star and executive Andy Cohen in his Watch What Happens Live clubhouse.

And it’s not just because she’s a Cohen and WWHL super fan. DiMuccio and Hillen live in Tampa a city within a state where same-sex marriage remains illegal.

So DiMuccio figures winning Cohen’s recently announced wedding contest, traveling to New York and getting married on national television would be a tremendous sign to the country that it’s time for marriage equality everywhere, especially in Florida.

“I think having more visibility and ammunition to say ‘Listen, this is happening; the trend is going, hop on board,’ is a great thing,” said DiMuccio, who harbors a secret hope that Cohen, hailed as the first openly gay host of a late-night talk show, wants to officiate a same-sex wedding.

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