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SAVE Dade endorses Beach candidates Michael Góngora, Sherry Roberts, Jorge Exposito, Matti Bower

News release from SAVE Dade:

SAVE Dade Announces Endorsements in 2013 Miami Beach General Elections

MIAMI, FL, October 2, 2013 – SAVE Dade is pleased to announce its endorsement of Michael Góngora for Miami Beach mayor, Sherry Roberts for Miami Beach commission group 1, Jorge Exposito for Miami Beach commission group 2, and Matti Herrera Bower for Miami Beach commission group 3.

“We are excited to be supporting this slate of candidates in the November 5th elections on Miami Beach,” said Executive Director Tony Lima. “This year, we were very fortunate to interview a group of candidates who were very supportive of equality. So it wasn’t an easy choice, but I’m confident that our slate will make sure the LGBT community continues to be heard loud and clear at city hall."

If elected, Michael Góngora will serve as the first openly gay mayor of Miami Beach. As a commissioner, he has maintained a boldly pro-equality record including sponsorship of tax equity on health benefits for domestic partners of city workers and resolutions in support of the Uniting American Families Act and the Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up For All Students Act in the House of Representatives.

Sherry Kaplan Roberts is an openly lesbian businesswoman, wife, and mother with experience in real estate and corporate leadership. Her vision for Miami Beach emphasizes growth and economic security for all residents, including the LGBT community. SAVE Dade is proud to support her for election to the City Commission in group 1.

Jorge Exposito currently serves on the City Commission as Miami Beach’s representative from group 2. SAVE Dade supports his bid for re-election to that position, and we applaud his pro-equality record in that capacity, including his vote this year in favor of tax equity on health benefits for domestic partners of city workers.

Matti Herrera Bower has served as the Mayor of Miami Beach for the past 14 years, and SAVE Dade is pleased to support her bid to remain on the City Commission as a voice in favor of equality. SAVE Dade is confident that as a commissioner Matti Herrera Bower will serve her LGBT constituents and the larger Miami Beach community as effectively as she has as mayor.

“These candidates have been longtime champions for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities,” Lima added, “and it was their commitment to keeping LGBT issues at the forefront of city governance that made them stand out.”

SAVE Dade encourages members and allies of the LGBT community to register to vote before the statewide deadline on Monday, October 7th in order to participate in the upcoming elections. Early voting in the 2013 elections begins Monday, October 21st and ends Sunday, November 3rd. SAVE Dade also encourages registered voters to request vote-by-mail absentee ballots to avoid potential lines on early voting days and on election day, which falls this year on Tuesday, November 5th.

Information on 2013 endorsements, registering to vote, early voting days, times, and locations, election day polling locations, and how to request and absentee ballot can all be found on SAVE Dade’s website at savedade.org/2013.


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Lima's got his history wrong. Matti Bower hasn't been mayor for the last 14 years (although -- at times -- it SEEMS she's been). She's been mayor for the last 6 years and commissioner 8 years before that.

Every voter should take this group's endorsements with a grain of salt. No candidate should be elected merely because they're OK to the LGBT community. Indeed, there are more pressing concerns and issues that demand that many of these incumbents that SAVE Dade endorsed be tossed out on their asses.

Rampant corruption and rewarding of city contracts to undeserving bidders are but two of those issues, and Gongora and Bower, in particular, have been incredibly disappointing on those.

I want Phil Levine to be my next mayor. And I'm supporting Micki Steinberg, Michael Grieco, and Roger Abramson for commission. And I'll be damned if I'm going to vote to allow Matti to flout term limits in the city charter and stay at City Hall. Time to go, little lady. Go start a garden. Or knit sweaters. Anything. Just GO.

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