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Task Force, Log Cabin Republicans clash on U.S. Senate change limiting filibusters on nominations

Two clashing opinions on today's U.S. Senate rules change limiting filibusters on presidential nominations:

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force:

WASHINGTON, Nov. 21 — Statement from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund on historic US Senate confirmation rules change.

Darlene Nipper, Task Force deputy executive director:

"Common sense has finally prevailed in Washington. With today's senate rules change, qualified judicial and executive appointees can be moved more swiftly through the senate confirmation process. This means relief is on the way for our nation's overburdened court system as judges can take their seats on the bench. And those selected to lead the work of important agencies can also assume their vital duties. We thank Majority Leader Reid and those senators whose actions have made this day possible."

Prior to today's change, nominees could be filibustered--requiring 60 votes to stop the filibuster. Now it will require 51.

Log Cabin Republicans:

Washington, D.C. — Today Democrats in the United States Senate, pushed by Majority Leader Harry Reid, invoked the so-called "nuclear option," doing away with filibusters for most presidential nominations.

"Harry Reid and his rank-and-file members laid bare their governing philosophy today: 'If you don't like the rules, change them!" Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo stated. "This isn't simply an historic shift; it changes the Senate's dynamic as the nation's highest deliberative body, and could have implications far beyond presidential nominations. With today's power-grab, Harry Reid has razed any goodwill that was building among Senate Republicans to work in respectful bi-partisanship. I'm just happy the Senate passed ENDA two weeks ago, because any incentive for Republicans to work with Senate Democrats on LGBT issues moving forward has just been obliterated."


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MANUEL PEREZ: The change is justified. The republicans for years have oppose any legislation Democrats endeavor to introduce. Many times it is just because the Democrats will be looked upon favorably to the voters. Republicans have already forgotten they tried to change the entire country by shutting it down. At least this was done legitimately.

What the republicans should be doing is rid the party of all those lunatic extremist so harmony can return to congress.

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