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Conservative U.S. Rep. Bill Young, R-FL, left his first wife and family after former secretary had his child

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The Tampa Bay Times has published an amazing exposé about the late U.S. Rep. C.W. Bill Young, the longtime conservative Republican congressman from Florida who died Oct. 18 at age 82.

Young, who scored zero on HRC's 112th Congressional Scorecard, in 2006 co-sponsored a proposed federal Constitutional amendment that would have banned gay-and-lesbian marriage equality in the United States.

Two decades earlier, Young ditched his wife of 36 years after girlfriend Beverly Angello – a former Congressional secretary – secretly gave birth to his fourth child.

After Young and first wife Marian divorced, the congressman had virtually no contact with their three children.

Now Young's original family has spoken out to the Tampa Bay Times, claiming he abandoned them for a woman younger than his first three kids.

Beverly Young, now 58, gave this choice quote about first wife Marian, who at age 81 lost her $2,000 monthly alimony after Young's death.

" … It's sad, that after thirty years (Marian Young) still can't accept the fact that he never loved her. … She attempted to make him stay in a loveless marriage by having her children, but once they were out of his home and grown adults he wanted to experience real love, life and happiness. And that's what we did. We did it when, where and how we wanted to."

Beverly Young also made sure Young's first family was invisible at his funeral:

Asked whether any photos of Young's first family were included in the photo montage at his funeral, Mrs. Young replied: "Hell, no. Why would I do that? Why should they be? They played no part in his life whatsoever. Consider that courtesy of me."

Click here to read the complete Tampa Bay Times article, "Bill Young's first family emerges to tell their story."


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