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‘A Conversation: Sex, Eroticism and Gender’ Wednesday, March 12, at Richard Shack Gallery

News release from Jose Lima:

exhibitArt historian/curator Marivi Veliz leads a conversation about sex, eroticism and gender within contemporary art practice along with Dr. Gema Pérez-Sánchez, University of Miami professor, who will discuss gender studies, the relationship of feminism and the role of masculinity. Artist Othón Castañeda will address how these themes play a major role in his work. He is originally from Mexico and is currently a resident artist at ArtCenter.

Gema Pérez-Sánchez is Associate Professor of Spanish at the Modern Languages and Literature Department of the University of Miami. She holds a Ph.D. in Romance Studies from Cornell University and an M.A. in English Literature from Bucknell University. Her research focuses on queer theory, contemporary Spanish narrative and film, cultural studies and immigration.

She is the author of the book Queer Transitions in Contemporary Spanish Culture: From Franco to la movida(SUNY Press 2007). She is currently finishing a second book, Perilous Strai(gh)ts: Immigration, Sexuality, and Race in Contemporary Spanish Culture, in which she analyzes the intersection of racism, xenophobia, and homophobia in contemporary Spanish films and narrative that depict Sub-Saharan African and Maghrebian immigrants. Her third book project — tentatively titled Queer In/Visibilities: Literary and Visual Public Interventions in Twenty-First Century Spain — analyzes how the work of contemporary LGBTQI Spanish photographers and writers of the early 2000s actively intervened and affected contemporary debates about sexual minorities’ legal rights. At University of Miami, she teaches Queer Studies courses at the Women's and Gender Studies Program, literary theory, and Spanish literature and culture courses.

More about the exhibition ...

ArtCenter Provokes Examination of Gender, Power and Divinity with Images of Eroticized Masculinity

ArtCenter’s new exhibition, In His Own Likeness, showcases diverse media (photography, sculpture, painting and video) of four Latin American artists who illuminate the subject matter of gender and its relationship with power and divinity. The artists in the exhibition In His Own Likeness are from Guatemala, Mexico and Cuba and include ArtCenter/South Florida resident artist Othón Castañeda, plus visiting artist Eny Roland, with Rocío García and Mario Santizo.

The exhibition is currently on view through March 16 at the Richard Shack Gallery,800 Lincoln Road.A

conversation about gender with the curator Marivi Véliz and special guests will be presented onsite March 12, at7:00 p.m.To curate this exhibition, ArtCenter invited Marivi Véliz, a contemporary art lecturer specializing in Central and Latin American Art who moved to Miami last year.

This is her first exhibition in the United States. Veliz is originally from Santa Clara, Cuba with experience curating and lecturing throughout Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil, El Salvador and Honduras. In recent years, her focus has been gender studies.

The exhibition aims to reaffirm existence as equally divine through its diversity and its complexities. The images of eroticized men allude to the tradition of defining God as masculine and thereby associating power to the male gender.

This in turn addresses how masculinity can unfold, how it can express itself, and even lose all meaning through sex.


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