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Updated: MOVA to close both Miami Beach, Brickell bars; Movahedi promises new Beach location

movaOwner Babak Movahedi just announced on Facebook that he will soon close both his MOVA locations in Miami Beach and Brickell:

Sweet ending....New beginning

I always knew that a beautiful property such as MOVA brickell would not last too long before being developed. The property has been sold and we are being bought out. At the same time, our dispute with the SOBE landlord has come to an end in our favor and while we do not have to vacate until the end of the year, after ten years of being in this business, I cannot think of a better time than now to finally be able to take the summer off, close both locations and come back stronger in the fall. DC will continue it's operations as normal.

It has been an amazing ride in our Lincoln road location and to celebrate the past seven years and welcome the future please join us on June 21 for our last night and seven year anniversary party with the theme

Sweet ending...New beginning

On behalf of all our team past and present, thank you so much for you support over the past seven years.

Movahedi says “I need a break.”

“I’m taking some time off and we’re going to come back with a new location. I’ve been trying to take summers off to go to Europe and I haven’t been able to do that.”

Movahedi says he’ll spend August in Barcelona, then scout a new location in Miami Beach.

“We need to move, reinvent and create a new place for people to enjoy,” he says. “We’ll be on the Beach. Bigger and much nicer place. You guys will just have to wait and see.”


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