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Jazz Jennings, a 13-year-old trans girl, reads from her upcoming children's book (with video)


Jazz Jennings, a 13-year-old transgender girl, has written a book for LGBTQ people titled I Am Jazz.

"Jazz always knew she was different from other kids," reads the back of the 32-page book. "She had a girl's brain and a boy's body. This is her story."

Jazz, who lives with her family in South Florida, read from the book (co-authored by Jessica Herthel) Thursday at Care Resource in Oakland Park.

Afterward, she told me:

"I wrote this book so we could help educate other transgender youth and families that it is OK to be different."

"It’s not just geared to LGBTQ people, but for everyone who is unique. And hopefully it can make a huge impact in letting everyone know that they have to accept each other because we’re all part of the same society," she said.

Jazmine Lammey, 49, said she found Jazz's book inspiring.

Lammey began transitioning less than a year ago.

"I’ve known ever since I was very young. I did the dating thing, I did the marry thing, I had the kid thing. I did all those things," she told me.

"Had I had the support and the courage, had I been ready at that point, that would have been one thing. The fear inside myself, knowing I was different, but willing to live a life of misery rather than accept who I am and live it."

Since beginning her transition last August, Lammey says she has become "a happy, proud woman."

Click here for more photos from the book reading. Photos by Steve Rothaus / Miami Herald Staff.


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I, 100%, support Jazz Jennings and am actually quite proud of her, she has such a beautiful personality and she isn't afraid or troubled or disgusted(not that she should in any way be in the first place) about her beautiful self as a girl. I enjoyed watching her "I am Jazz" story, she is truly AMAZING! all the best for her bright beautiful future from New Zealand :)

anybody know her email?

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