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The Strange Loves and Stranger Life of Chloe Black

Chloe Hardin Black's name has been bubbling up in news stories since the 1970s, usually in connection with her various husbands. First was David Duke, a smooth-talking publicity-savvy neo-Nazi who attracted attention first as a leader of his own personal brand of the Ku Klux Klan, the Knights of the KKK, than as founder of the National Association for the Advancement of White People. Duke made a nice living as a pamphleteer, peddling racist and anti-Semitic literature and costumes in a mail order business. He managed to get himself elected to the state legislature back in the 1980s and that brought a flood of reporters from major newspapers. (Including me.) Wife Chloe had been Duke's vice president of the Knights of the KKK. Though she divorced him in 1984. Presumably she gave up the title. But not her attraction for racist fanatics.

In 1998, she married Don Black. He was of the Alabama variety of the Ku Klux Klan but his turn on the national stage had come on April  27, when he and nine would-be mercenaries were busted on a rented boat in New Orleans with guns,  ammunition, Confederate and Nazi flags, a bottle of whiskey and copy of Soldier of Fortune magazine. The feds said Don Black and the boys were executing a bizarre plot to overthrow the government of Dominica, a Caribbean island 300 miles southeast of Puerto Rico. Black served two years in prison for that little enterprise.

Since, Chloe and Don have been living in West Palm Beach since 1987. The Miami Herald did a story on the famously racist couple in 1995, after Don Black had launched the nation's first racist neo-Nazi website Stormfront. The website is still up. And the Blacks are still married, the first couple of white supremacy. Don Black still runs the site out of their home. And organizations that track racist leaders note that the couple still show up occasionally at neo-Nazi conferences.

But Chloe seems to have another life altogether. One tinged with considerable irony. A few weeks ago, Quest, a society magazine out of New York, did a feature on the philanthropic pursuits of Emilia Fanjul, wife of Pepe, Florida's last great sugar baron. The Fanjul had financed Glades Academy in Pahokee, a charter school dedicated to educating the black and Hispanic children in a community of devastatingly poor migrant laborers.

Very admirable. But the folks at Hatewatch, at the Southern Poverty Law Center, noticed spotted a name in the article that seemed utterly incongruent with the school's goals of helping minority kids. At the end of the Quest article, a note said that for more information call this name: Chloe Black. Apparently the queen of American white supremacy works as an administrative assistant to the most powerful Cuban family in America.

Neither Hatewatch, not a subsequent story in the New York Post, found any evidence that the Fanjuls had any inkling about their assistant's dual personalities.

Meanwhile, Stormwatch, keen on irony, and maybe liking whatever publicity the website can garner, has posted a link to the Hatewatch posting on Queen Chloe: http://www.splcenter.org/blog/2008/07/09/white-supremacist-represents-school-for-poor-minority-kids/#more-2566.


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John McBride

As a White man living in Miami, you should probably be more concerned about the dark racists who lie in wait for unarmed White liberals like yourself.


I see you love to throw around the terms racist and anti-Semite, but the most bizarre term you've used here is "neo-Nazi." You simply don't have a clue do you? If you'd have actually took the time to research Dr. Duke, you'd know that he is far from a Nazi and he resents them. He's also not a racist as he doesn't wish to oppress other races, just advance the white race. He's nothing more than a white civil rights activist, but I don't suppose the liberal media will allow you to be one of those will they? If you're white then you either hate yourself and your people or you a "Nazi" and a "racist." I don't suppose you need anyone to look out for your rights do you Fred? You probably hate yourself for being white don't you? Yes, you are clearly a victim of the media brainwashing.

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