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A Warning About Those Pill Mills -- From Someone Who Knows The Risk

      Keith Mikell, from western Pennsylvania, came across my Sunday column on South Florida’s fast proliferating pill mills. And he wrote a harrowing description – from personal experience – of the consequences that come with the unregulated sale of narcotic pain killers.

      It started with a single Percocet. Then I moved on to harder pills, like pure oxycodone. At the end, I was taking up to 50 Tramadols a day and having seizures (taking more than 400 milligrams of Tramadol drops the seizure threshold significantly.).

When I couldn’t find oxy, I delt with mail-order pharmas.

      That was a crazy way to live, I’ll tell you. But yeah, if the authorities don’t do something about what’s going on down in your area, with the pill mills, things are going to end up crazy. People are going to be robbed out of house and home. And an area can change from nice to a gutter in T-minus zero seconds. Trust me. I know.

      The addictiveness of opiates is crazy. If you’re like me – what I call and “opiophile” and instantly fall in love with what opiates can do to you – it’s all over from the first line, shot, hit, pill – whatever you do. After that you chase and chase and chase it. And if you don’t have it, you don’t feel normal. You’re either in withdrawal or, if you have enough to stay out of withdrawal, you don’t feel “normal” until you have more than enough to get you buzzed.

      And the more you use, the more it takes to get you to that point of ecstasy. It’s a crazy, crazy, crazy lifestyle. I have watched this craziness over the last two years while I was clean. I have seen people spend $80,000 settlements on opiates and not blink and eye. Now the same person who was one top of the world hasn’t a single possession to his name.

      It’s all gone in the name of getting high. Or, as we say, “getting well.” Because once you’re hooked, you don’t get more, you’ll get deathly sick and go into withdrawal.


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Larry Golbom

I heard from Keith Mikell and read the post he created on this blog site. Keith has become a regular listener and caller into the radio show I do. I have been talking about the problems being created from the legal drugs for over two years and the radio show continues to grow in awareness. Fred is the first reporter that did not refer to the narcotics as "pain killers" in this blog. He is the first reporter who apparently understands that it is the drug companies who gave the addictive and deadly narcotics the term "pain pill". The reality is that the opium derivatives (includes heroin) have a side effect of pain relief. The understanding of the true nature of the dangers of the molecular entity from the opium plant has been available for thousands of years and for some reason the American press and media have been fooled by the mis marketing and misrepresentation of the drugs by the drug companies. It was a pleasure to read an article from a reporter who has not been mislead.

The Prescription Addiction Radio Show - Breaking the Silence
Larry Golbom

Maureen E. Barrett

I am a mother that has lost two children to prescription drug overdoses. One son, 25,in 2002 and one daughterinlaw, 26, in 2008. I know too well about the pain clinics and their writing prescriptions for 500 addictive pills on one visit. I have tried to get a prescription drug monitoring system in Florida since 2003. I am involved in a few organizations that work in the community and in the schools to try to educate about the dangers of mixing these drugs, becoming addicted to them and the life result of this lifestyle. By the end of May, we will have been in front of 28,000 students in Broward and Palm Beach. I really feel that Florida better step up to the plate and pass this legislation this year. I think 11 deaths a day from prescription drug overdoses in Florida is way out of line. What are we waiting for???

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