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The Race To Save Greyhounds

    Proposed legislation that would allow video gambling terminals – low rent slot machines – at Florida pari-mutuels beyond Broward and Miami-Dade counties drew a pointed response from animal activists, particular those opposed to greyhound racing.  Kathy Pelton, an activist from Cooper City, sent me this:

      Once again the slot issue has surfaced and is being proposed as away to prop up the dying dog track industry around Florida. 

      Unfortunately, the slot machines are legally linked to dog racing and the dogs must race in order to have the slots.

      Before giving the O.K. to the slots, the public needs to be aware of a few facts:  many puppies are simply "culled" when they look like they will not be winners.

      If they make it to the tracks, many suffer severe injuries, such as, broken backs, crushed skulls, seizures, etc. and need to be euthanized as a result of their injuries.

      Finally, at the end of their short careers, if they are not lucky enough to be adopted, many are often
put down.  For these three reasons alone, and there are many more, people should be opposed to installing slots at dog tracks around Florida. 


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