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Legitimate Patients Hurt By Pill Mills

   Reader Kandy Moore of Key Largo, reacting to my column on pill mills and the astounding quantity of Oxycodone dispensed by South Florida pain clinics and the huge amount of profit involved in this shadey commerce, offers another side to the scandal.
   As I sit reading your column on Oxy Pill Mills, I am wondering
how ".tough new pill mill laws.2010 legislative session" will affect someone
like me, who has a legitimate reason to use Oxycodone for pain management,
and who has to literally 'jump through hoops' to obtain the medication?
   I am allowed only 30 days' supply at one time and must have a physical
examination every 60 days by my physician in order to receive a prescription
for Oxycodone/Oxycontin, per DEA regulations.  Of course the physical exam is not free & the pills are extremely expensive even with insurance ($384.00
per month).
   I don't understand how those doctors, as mentioned in your
article, can dispense those large numbers of medication without more timely
scrutiny. How do they get the large number of pills they are prescribing?
Who is the source?
  These crooks make it hard for everyone, don't they?!


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UCF and a company is offering free a finger print real time Database that will drive the doctor shoppers out of Florida and close pill mills within 60 days. This system works as the pill dealers are all using fake ID and and when they visit Florida they stop at 6 pill mills some owned by the same owners. This system scans every doctor and pharmacy in real time to see if that finger scan has been to any other doctor within the last 90 days. The system doesn't store any personal information of the patient, only the Meds and finger scan. The system also helps all doctors know what Meds any patient is taking. It's a shame that today a doctor has no way of knowing what Meds a patient is taking as a lot of people don't recall what the name is! Best is it's free!


these stupid laws will do nothing but drive the sell of herion hmmmm that means all that money will eventually go to afganistan real smart huh junkies are always gonna be junkies that wont change only thing that will change is where the cash ends up. and it wont be in the states just like everything else they do like NAFTA.


not saying that everyone that takes oxy is a junky i take em myself for a 5 level fusion in my back and i promise u this they take away my meds ill be on the corner gettin my herion too



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