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The Wallop Of Small Business Health Insurance

Oscar Friedman of Cooper City has written about his unhappy and very expensive experience with health insurance for his small business.
  Upon receiving my health insurance renewal for my small business health insurance plan that covers just me, the sole proprietor, I was looking at a 78% increase in my annual premiums. The cost for my premiums and deductible would be $20,000 for the year. Again, this is for a sole proprietor of a small business.
    When I filed a complaint with the Florida Insurance Commissioner, I received an email response from the Consumer Affairs division that stated that there was a change in Florida law in 2002 where the insurance companies no longer needed to get approval of their rates from the Insurance Commissioner and could charge whatever they wanted to! In addition, they could charge up the 125% to small businesses like mine.
   I sent an email to many of the Florida legislators at that time, including
Marco Rubio and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (since they were in the legislature when this law changed) asking them where they were on this and have not received any responses. Not surprised there.


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