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Doctors, Even Irresponsible Doctors, Regarded As Gods

    John Ryan, a longtime critic of the pharmaceutical industry's penchant for peddling psychotropic drugs for unapproved uses -- including dispensing adult psychotropics to children -- responded to my column about the state's hesitancy to take action against the doctor who prescribed the apparently fatal cocktail of drugs for 12-year-old Denis Maltez. (John is a retired hardware and software engineer, currently an adjunct math professor living in Las Cruces, New Mexico.)

      Your article points out a problem that those of us in the anti-psycho/pharmaceutical-complex movement have.  People hold doctors in high esteem and are very deferent to them.  They are almost considered gods.  People are skeptical of criticism of any doctor.

       The State of Florida rightly went after the Rainbow Ranch and quickly suspended its license.  Yet, as you stated, over-medication of psychotropic drugs killed Deniz Maltez.  For that, Dr. Kaplan is responsible, yet he continued to “treat“ 800 children on the Medicaid program for about one month shy of three years.

      The State Medical Board could have suspended Dr. Kaplan’s medical license, but all they did was suspend him from the Medicaid program.  I don’t doubt that at some later date Dr. Kaplan will be reinstated in the Medicaid program.

      In the case of 4-year-old Rebecca Riley in Massachusetts, Dr. Kayoko Kifuji of Tufts University Medical Center temporarily had her license suspended, and was given a leave of absence with pay. But after the trials in which Rebecca’s mother and father were convicted of second degree murder, and in which Dr. Kifuji was granted immunity from prosecution for her testimony, Dr. Kifuji’s license was reinstated, and she was reinstated to the TUMC staff.  She is now practicing pediatric medicine again.         Dr. Kifuji prescribed a cocktail of psychotropics for Rebecca based on what the girl’s mother told her.  She only examined Rebecca once.

     And that arrogant ass Dr. Kaplan has the chutzpah to say that “nothing I did caused that boy’s death,” or words to that effect.        Doctors are indeed regarded as gods who have come down from Mount Olympus.


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