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Civilization Comes To The C-9 Basin

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Jeanette Jordan, president of the South Florida SPCA responded to my column on the outrages long tolerated in the C-9 Basin.

    The answer to your question about defeating blood sport in our community is “yes.”

     The thirty-year long party in the C9 basin is over for good.  The reason?  Too many people now know what is going on and are outraged by the degradation of our precious wetlands not to mention the horrific animal abuses involved in dog fighting, cock fighting and illegal slaughter.

    The first time I actually visited the C9 Basin was in July, 2009 to see with my own eyes and to document the corpse of “Linda,” a beautiful Quarter Horse mare stolen, slaughtered and burned in front of her own foal, at Stone City.  After I got over the sick feeling and shock of the dead horse and seeing her stunned, confused baby still trying to nurse on his dead mother, I looked around and wondered what woe-begotten, hideous, Third World country I had landed in.

    Up until then, South Florida SPCA had been documenting the 20+ horse carcasses showing up on our roads, byways and even in their own stalls.  Had been that is until it became too big and too dangerous for us to continue. There are some really bad actors involved in these activities.  Death threats are not something I could tolerate on behalf of my organization.

    We withdrew.  Luckily, the gauntlet was taken up by our former board member, Richard “Kudo” Couto, now founder of A.R.M (Animal Recovery Mission), by law enforcement and the many government agencies involved in cleaning up the unholy mess in the C9.

 Last, but not least, the media – local, state, national and international, print, TV, radio and Internet are all keeping an eye on the C9 Basin.  Let the evil-doers  lawyer up, demonstrate and make all the phone calls they want. The dirty little secret of the C9 Basin is out now and I have full confidence that our elected officials will not cave.

This stain on the reputation of the legal and proper agricultural businesses in our beautiful Florida will be soon be gone and with good riddance.

Another South Florida writer adds her own lament:

 Moved to West Palm Beach --  a game bird breeder poisons my oldest, sweetest dog.  Moved back to Princeton, the neighbor has eleven big dogs in cages in plain sight, tethered pit bulls, with brutal, horrific screams emanating from this little boarded up house.

The police and animal services are letting the U.S. Constitution get in their way.  Everyone shrugs while these people brutalize dogs day and night.  I run my outdoor fan to drown out their screams.

Crimes of this nature are far more damaging than property theft.  This continuous torture has taken away my freedom and my peace.  I do not know what to do. You go as far as the law allows and the criminal continues laughing

More Photos from the C-9 Basin:

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Carol Ann

Thank God for people like Richard Couto! This is South Florida. Not Haiti, Cuba or Central America. If these "Rancheros" want to maintain life as they have been living in the C-9 Basin, they can not do it here. Miami is NOT a Third World Country. Being a native, it infuriates me when I see my home polluted. Finally, animals feel pain just like we do. I will gladly inflict some pain on one of the abusers to confirm that fact!

The Magic Of Making Up

Here in the UK we got rid of fox hunting, and with it plenty of jobs, but it was the right thing to do.


You'd be surprised how many people still actually do this.

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