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Poll shows health reform gaining little traction with Americans


With healthcare exchanges around the country set to open Oct. 1, a Gallup poll finds Americans still divided about the Affordable Care Act -- and in three out of 10 cases, unfamiliar with it. 
More people disapproved (49%) than approved (41%) of the healthcare reforms in Gallup's poll. Most were somewhat (53%) or not too (18% familiar with it. And young people aged 18-34  had the most favorable view (44%). 
Americans are also more pessimistic (38%) than optimistic (24%) about the future impact of the law, with most calling it a wash. The percentages of positive views grew slightly, and negative views shrank a littl, from prior poll a month ago.   
Between now and October, the Obama administration has a big marketing job ahead of it, the report says.  


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