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Study finds women prepared but concerned about healthcare future

We all know about the power of women, especially the matriarchs who run their households tighter than a captain commands a ship.

In many households, women run the finances and they’re the first person family members turn to with a medical need.

Those dynamics frequently place women in position to be decision-makers for their families’ health insurance needs, according to a national survey of women conducted by Cigna Corp., the health insurer.

“The financing of health care and family health care decisions fall mainly to them,’’ according to a Cigna press release about the survey, “with 59 percent saying they help their partners while only five percent say their partners help them.’’

The national survey of 1,726 women ages 24 to 65 was published in October in a report titled “Health and Well-being: Attitudes and Behaviors of Women”. Most of the women who participated in the survey said they had existing health care coverage.

Among the survey’s findings:

About 83 percent of women surveyed said they believed that future health care costs will rise at a faster pace than their income.

Nearly nine in 10 women said they have no plans to leave their employer coverage for an insurance exchange.

Six in 10 women spent only an hour or less deciding which health plan to enroll in (nearly one in four spend 15 minutes or less), and 75 percent have never heard of an insurance exchange or marketplace.

Seventy-nine percent are frustrated by the complexity of the health care system.

Read the full report and survey results here.


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