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HERALD SPOTLIGHT: Gabriel Labrador

Gabriel Labrador1
Having the opportunity to watch many of the athletes in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties when they begin playing football at the youth football level, the Miami Herald will continue to shine the spotlight on many athletes during the pre-spring, spring and summer.

With the chance to see the athletes away from the football field as well, we can bring you up close and personal with some of the top prospects in the nation - right here in our own backyard.

Don't forget that the exposure continues on FACEBOOK (Herald Recruiting) and via Twitter @ larryblustein.

PLAYER: Gabriel Labrador

YEAR: 2012

SCHOOL: Braddock

CITY: Miami





WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: While so many linemen these days are quickly judged by their size, there are dozens who have the same ability and for some reason, simply get overlooked.

Here is a football talent who certainly plays larger than his frame. He is quick off the ball, versatile enough play center and even lineup on defense. As an added bonus, his ability to long snap has been a huge selling point to schools as well.

There is little doubt, after watching him play, that he is indeed a quality football talent who has a motor that simply never stops. A high energy player who opens holes, gets to that blocking level and creates positives with his work ethic alone.

If you happen to get a chance to see this quality young man play some time this coming season, you owe it to yourself. This is a throwback lineman who may be undersized in the eyes of some, but never complains and grades out as well as any prospect in Miami-Dade County at the position.

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