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Miami-Dade Class of 2014 - Pre-Summer Top 50

As we have for the past 40 years, our objective to evaluate and rate players takes us year round.

With south Florida being in the spotlight when it comes to football - and recruiting - these lists have become so important when giving colleges an idea of what prospects continue to rise in this very competitive region. It is also a place where those who recruit national check out the top prospects as well.

While rankings are subjective, many who do them are not aware that when they put out their list of prospects, it is something that is taken very serious - as alumni start to put pressure of their colleges and universities to recruit certain players because they are rated high.

Viewing and rating prospects on just film can come with many pitfalls. Listening to fans, parents and high school coaches, who boast about their athletes, is also very dangerous when it comes to listing prospects.

Our formula has been simple. For over 40 years, we see the prospects live and in person and have a better basis in which to rate and compare. In addition, we have tracked and followed many from the time they began playing at the very competitive youth leagues.

While we will never take anyone’s opinion away, the success rate that we have when putting these lists together is simply unmatched, and for that reason, we continue to produce them at the local, regional and state level with the accuracy that fans, college coaches and others who follow recruiting are comfortable with.

We will re-rank these players right before the season begins - as we watch camps, 7-on-7 events and several workout sessions.

If you see a player you want us to continue to watch, just drop Larry Blustein a note at Floridakids1@aol.com.

1. Ermon Lane, WR, 6-2, 200, Homestead:
Has been at the head of the class since the end of his sophomore year. Not only a quality receiver, but a major weapon on special teams. Will emerge as the No. 1 pass catcher nationally.

2. Dalvin Cook, RB/S, 5-11, 195, Miami Central: If there is a football player who his faster and can make an impact on both sides of the ball like this University of Florida-bound athlete, we have not watched him play. Not only is he one of the best runners in the country, but is a quality safety as well.

3. Joseph Yearby, RB, 5-9, 190, Miami Central: Pure offense every time he puts his hands on the ball. This University of Miami commit has been dazzling opponents with his skills since his youth football days. A very unique football talent who always elevates those around him. Can return kicks with the best of them.

4. Travonte Valentine, DL, 6-4, 295, Hialeah Champagnat: Welcome to south Florida to one of the nation's premier defense linemen. This is going to be one of those prospects who will do some amazing things this coming year for the Lions. Central Florida's No. 1 prospect heads south - and is expected to make a difference.

5. Michael Smith, OLB, 6-2, 205, Miami Northwestern: One of the most complete defensive football players you will see. A cat-quick athlete who has the speed and athletic ability to be a dominating player. Will leave no doubt after watching him play.

6. Treon Harris, QB, 6-0, 200, Miami Booker T. Washington: One of the most athletic football players you will find anywhere in this country. Here is a very disciplined athlete who creates with his physical abilities as well as his experience of being around the game all of his life.

7. Quinton Flowers, QB, 5-11, 195, Miami Jackson: Has shown over and over again that he is as good as you get at any level. While national analysts are consumed with his lack of height, he is still the best run/pass prospect that you will find anywhere. College coaches have already backed that up.

8. Steve Ishmael, WR, 6-2, 170, North Miami Beach: If you ask high school coaches who one of the most versatile football prospects is this coming season, this is the answer you get over and over again. He makes catches and gets in the end zone on offense. Defensively, he will pick your pocket - in a hurry!

9. Chad Thomas, DE, 6-5, 240, Miami Booker T. Washington: Has grown into quite a prospect with speed, strength and the ability to read offenses among his positive calling cards. While he has come a long way in two years, the best is yet to come from this gifted student/athlete.

10. JoJo Robinson, WR/DB, 6-1, 165, Miami Northwestern: There is no current football player in this class who has been on the radar screen longer than this one-time youth football standout who has been a huge part of the Bulls the past two years. This is a big season for this FSU commit.

11. Nigel Patten, DB, 5-9, 175, Miami Booker T. Washington: Having watched some of the top defensive backs in the state perform, this is one who has elevated himself to a position where everyone has taken notice of his tremendous cover skills and athletic ability.

12. Deatrick Nichols, DB, 5-10, 180, Miami Central: Headed to the University of South Florida next year, this is easily one of the most physical and dependable cornerbacks as you will find. Drew every tough opponent last year - and without question - answered all the challenges.

13. Tyre Brady, WR, 6-4, 205, Homestead South Dade: The question everyone wants to know is when is this one-time youth standout going to put it ALL together? If he does, this is someone who has the chance to be very special, and will end up leaving no doubt how dominating he can be.

14. Trevor Darling, OL, 6-5, 315, Miami Central: Committing to the University of Miami nearly two years ago, this steady and quality line prospect continues to get better and work harder as the Rockets look for yet another state championship. A very impressive athlete.

15. Michael Johnson, S, 6-3, 190, Hialeah Champagnat Catholic: Heading to Louisville next year, this is yet another of those gifted prospect who has proven that he can play this game at a very high level. Has the chance to dominate for years to come as he puts on more weight.

16. Lamar Parker, WR, 5-8, 160, Miami Booker T. Washington: One of the fastest and sure-handed of all receivers, nobody creates more of a mismatch than he does. His speed, ability to run routes and put the ball in the end zone makes him very special and attractive to all colleges.

17. Jacob McCrary, WR, 6-0, 175, Miami Coral Reef: One of the more dependable athletes who originally committed to FSU, this is indeed one of those gifted talents who can lineup as a receiver or a defensive back and make a huge impact for the Barracudas.

18. Henderson Gray, WR, 5-10, 175, Miami Monsignor Pace: Yet another of those gifted youth football players who has found his way to that next level, this is a tremendous talent who is a solid receiver and superb athlete. Comes from a very athletic family who has played this game for a long time.

19. Kendrick Edwards, WR, 6-6, 185, Miami Norland: This is certainly the year when this quality football talent begins to pull away from the pack. His ability to make catches against any defensive back is one of the reasons why he was a favorite of colleges this past spring. His best his yet to come.

20. Franklyn Labady, RB, 5-7, 170, Hialeah Champagnat Catholic: Making his move over from Edison this year will be huge for one of the area's most dynamic athletes who has lifted programs on his back before - in high school and at the youth level. A big time athlete who could have a huge season for the Lions.

21. Trumaine Washington, DB, 5-11, 170, Miami Killian: Still remains as one of the most dependable and athletic football prospects in an area that annually produces such tremendous talent. His quickness and athletic ability combined with his knowledge of the game has made him the total prospect.

22. Trayon Gray, QB/Athlete, 5-11, 190, Miami Carol City: It's a simple task for this tremendous talent. If you stay healthy and on the football field, you will be a big time prospect and have every college looking in your direction. The next few months will be major in his development.

23. Chris Worton, WR, 6-0, 170, Homestead South Dade: An early FSU commit, the only thing that stands in the way of this tremendous athlete being that player everyone believes he should is staying healthy and on the field. He creates mismatches because of his skill level, toughness and quickness.

24. Stanley Clerveaux, WR, 6-3, 185, North Miami: Has emerged into one of the top prospects the Pioneers have produced in years. A quick and dependable pass catcher who can get the ball in the end zone. If he remains on the field, his team has a better chance to improve.

25. Nicodem Pierre, QB, 6-2, 185, Miami Coral Reef: After two solid seasons, this is still one of the prize quarterbacks in the region. A very strong throwing arm, coupled with his ability to run the ball and read defenses has made him special.

26. Greg Howell, RB, 6-0, 205, Coral Gables: One of the big backs in the region who has attracted plenty of attention in the off season with his work ethic, speed and ability to play this game at a high level. Coaching has been huge in his development as well.

27. Odis Grimes, WR, 6-4, 210, Miami Northwestern: Will finally get his chance - after making the move over from Edison - to show how impressive he can be. Is expected to be one of the Bulls' main options this year, using his size, athletic ability and off season experience as a springboard.

28. Cornelius Floyd, WR/DB, 6-1, 175, Miami Gulliver Prep: This is one of those quality football players we have been on since his youth football days. A very gifted football talent who dominates as a receiver as well as in the defensive secondary. A quality young man as well.

29. Alin Edouard, QB, 6-2, 180, Hialeah: This current University of Miami commit has had quite a year, showcasing his skills all over the southeast, and now as his final season is here, he has the chance to get better and lead his team to that elusive district title.

30. Marcus Leslie, DB, 5-10, 180, Miami Coral Reef: This is one of those football talents who has worked hard to put himself in a position where colleges came through and were impressed at what they watched. His play as a junior also drew him an Under Armour Combine invite.

31. Krondis Larry, RB, 5-8, 160, Miami Booker T. Washington: Talk about a banner year for an athlete, this is one of the fastest football players in south Florida, who helped his team capture a 4A title, win a state track crown in the 4x100 and have numerous colleges checking him out.

32. Antwan Cordy, Athlete, 5-9, 175, Homestead South Dade: There are very few high school football players who have the impact on the field that this young man does. His ability to be shut down top receivers from his cornerback position as well as a special teams standout has turned games around.

33. Frank Newman, LB, 5-11, 200, Homestead: This one-time young Palmetto High standout has reached his senior season, and now, schools have finally noticed what everyone has been raving about. This is a physical football player who has the athletic ability to be very special. Keep an eye on his progress.

34. Michael Smith, OL, 6-3, 295, Miami Central: One of the most athletic football players on a line that has more than its share of quality talent. Speed, strength and athletic ability have pushed this young man into the spotlight. Will emerge as one of the elite big men.

35. A’lique Terry, OL, 6-2, 280, Hialeah: Talk about a well-rounded and complete football prospect. Not only does he get it done in the classroom, but has been around the game long enough to call plays from the line of scrimmage. A very valuable prospect to have on any team.

36. Andrew Soroh, S, 6-2, 190, Hialeah American: After a solid junior season, and an off season that has helped to thrust him into the spotlight, this is a talent who is ready to make that senior year very special. A rangy safety who can cover as well as be very physical.

37. Henry Bussey, RB, 5-9, 180, Hialeah: Here may be one of the most productive running backs this coming season for a number of reasons. Not only is he quick and elusive, but has worked hard - at Plantation American Heritage and Hialeah - to be among the best.

38. Lashone Garnett, RB, 5-8, 185, Miami Southridge: Another of those football players who has worked hard to get better, his many off season MVP awards, coupled with his ability to run the ball from the line of scrimmage and catch out of the backfield, has made him someone to keep an eye on.

39. Anthony Wint, LB, 6-0, 215, Homestead: One of the most physical and athletic of all linebackers has the chance to to become one of the best around. After last year's learning experience, this is someone who has that ability to lift the program up. he is up for the challenge.

40. Albert Smalls, DB, 5-10, 180, Miami Monsignor Pace: After spending the past two years at Miramar Everglades, this is a defensive back prospect that really gives the Spartans a major lift. He is a tremendous football talent who has been around this game for a long time.

41. Hunter Boyett, QB, 6-0, 200, Miami Westminster Christian: Injured early last season, here is a player who really has the chance to make the most impact of anyone in south Florida. Has everything you are looking for in a prospect, and if everything goes as planned for the Warriors, this could be a lights out season!

42. Taron James, QB, 5-11, 185, Miami Norland: One of the under the radar players in the county, but after watching him play, this is indeed someone that every opponent has to pay full attention to. A very athletic and gifted prospect who is getting better all the time.

43. Matthew Colominas, DE, 6-2, 223, Miami Killian: Having had the pleasure of watching this quality football talent the past two years, this is definitely the year that he starts to turn the corner. A very gifted football talent who has elevated his game with a strong off season.

44. Reginald Bain, OL, 6-4, 265, Miami Central: Yet another piece of the talented and impressive front for the Rockets. This is one of the players we watched over the past two seasons and came away sold on what he does to block for one of the best running games in the country.

45. Jakhari Bolton, OL, 6-5, 275, Miami Killian: Here is one of those quality athletes who didn't get the publicity he deserves the past year, but that will all change as he has the opportunity to gain plenty of exposure during the season ahead. Very strong and superb footwork.

46. Nathaniel Terry, WR, 6-5, 190, Homestead South Dade: This is just another in the many tall and versatile receivers this program has in it's offensive attack. Stretches defenses with his knack of making catches up field and in traffic. Is a very valuable cog on the offense.

47. Jamal Adjamah, RB, 5-8, 180, Miami Southridge: Like his running mate, Garnett, here is a solid football player who has made a solid impact on the football field - as well as getting it done in the classroom. A fast, elusive back who continues to make major strides.

48. Ryan Mayes, S, 6-0, 185, Miami Northwestern: After a solid junior season at Dr. Krop, he makes his way to play for the Bulls - and in the process - brings a lot of athleticism with him. A very rangy safety who makes plays, improving with a solid off season and spring.

49. Raul Diaz, OL, 6-2, 275, Miami Central: This completes one of the most impressive offensive lines in the state of Florida. This very athletic and strong center gives the Rockets a force in the middle on offense. One of the most technically sound of all linemen in Miami-Dade County.

50. Nick McBeath, OLB, 6-1, 195, Miami Christopher Columbus: Talk to anyone who played the Explorers last year and all will tell you that this the prospect who made the most impact. A hard working outside linebacker who will once again be among the elite tacklers on the team.

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