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Brooke White album on iTunes

Abrooke Brooke White's independent debut album, Songs From the Attic, originally released in 2005, was available before she joined the cast of American Idol this season. Once she made the finals, the CD became harder to find, commanding up to $100 or more on fan sites.

But now that Brooke has finished her run on the show, in fifth place, Songs From the Attic is available for download via iTunes for a reasonable $9.99. Should you? If you feel as I do, that Brooke was the most musically gifted and genuine artist of this season's crop, you should. Though recorded without the benefit of a major-label budget, Songs showcases Brooke's facility for crafting a pop hook on such original standouts as Free, Keep Running, The Way Things Used to Be and a lovely cover of Aerosmith's Dream On. Her piano playing is accomplished and her voice is sweet and just right for these songs that would feel at home on a 70s singer-songwriter album.

Given the strength of this low-fi indie release, I'd love to hear a new Brooke album, recorded with a great band and bigger budget. She is not the type of singer Idol prefers -- the melismatic, big voiced pop singer -- but she's something better, something true and real and that was already in evidence three years ago on Songs From the Attic.

Take a look at the music video for the single, Free.


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she's got kind of a Jann Arden/poor woman's Natalie Merchant vibe with this song

not bad at all
out of the 9.99 price, how much goes into her pocket do you think?


She blows. And maybe she should do just that, like Faith Hill did, up Music Row to get another deal..

speaking of Natalie Merchant, whom I LOVE, what happened to her????


There isn't anything remotely similar between Brooke and Faith. I've seen Faith in concert countless times and have all her CDs. They don't sound alike, sing the same music, have the same temperment, have the same skills. Faith would be perfect for a cheesy show like Idol. She has the big bombastic, plastic, clueless voice Idol is known for promoting and the kind of plastic quality that earns votes on this show, as evidenced by Carrie Underwood. Brooke is a trained musician with a smaller voice but one with character -- which is a lot more than I can say for her fellow finalists this season.
As for Natalie Merchant, she's another one who would never have made it on Idol. Too original, not a bombastic pop singer. She did the one great solo album Tigerlily, then put out a couple boring followups that lacked good songs.


Natalie lost her mojo without the other 9,999 maniacs

can't fight this feeling

You know, I hate to admit it but ... I kinda like this Free song, cheesy as the video is. She doesn't have what I think of as an annoying Idol voice...

Natalie Merchant lost too many of her fans by being a giant bitch in concert. At least, she was at a long-ago Sunrise Musical Theater show (remember that place?) She told the audience: "We came all the way from New York to play for you." Like Florida was the edge of the known universe (it is, but never mind). Even if you loved In My Tribe you had to come away wanting to smash a beer bottle over her head.

As for Faith, I'm no fan but I will not deny the pop magic of This Kiss.


How magnanimous of Natalie to come all the way to New York to play for us! Never mind the fact she had a guaranteed fee that paid her thousands of dollars for that one simple concert she did!
You'd told me that story and it was always disappointing. I saw Natalie on her Tigerlily tour and when she opened for Sting as the first concert at the amphitheater in West Palm that has since changed names 100 times. She was so sexy, graceful, captivating on stage. Loved Tigerlily. But she got real boring after that album, not accessible anymore. She needs to get over herself and writed a damned pop song again.

Robin Randall

A correction to the above,you mention Brooke's crafting of pop hooks,while this is indeed true, I am the writer of "Keep Running",which she so nicely covered on her CD.....Robin Randall

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