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Jason Castro signs management deal

American_idol_top_12_party Jason Castro from Idol's seventh season has reportedly signed a management deal with Hard8Mgt, a firm that represents mid-level acts Augustana, Shooter Jennings, Jakob Dylan and Dashboard Confessional. Some people will be excited about this development.

Meantime, Blake Lewis left 19 Management (the Idol company). That's not a surprise, given his album tanked. What is a bit surprising is that fellow Season 6 castmate 2008_american_music_awards Jordin Sparks is rumored to have left 19, too. Jordin had three solid Top 20 singles from her debut album and sold close to a million copies of it (what's taking the label so long to certify her debut album platinum?)


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Sweetttttttttttttttt that Jason now has professional management and an attorney. Hopefully a record deal is close to done so we fans can have a cd of those incredible songs we all heard in Tulsa last Saturday. 3 big hits I would swear too.


It is Jason's time!!!He is Amazing!!I can hardly wait for a CD especially after hearing him in Tulsa..Double Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet~~~~


Count me as one who is excited about Jason signing with a management co. Hopefully they will do him justice. I just watched his performances, from his show in Tulsa, and his new songs are Great. Keep your eye out for him, I think he still has a pretty good fanbase.


Good for Jason. He's awesome and I'm happy for him. Can't wait for first CD.


Good news. It brings us closer to having Jason's first CD. It will be so much fun to follow Jason's career as it grows. He is more approachable and real than some of the singers. I hope he stays that way. I love what I have heard of his new songs, but the sound will be better on a studio recording (no girls squealing the the background).


This is fabulous news. It has been very frustrating to see Jason have to be on the back burner all this time due to contractual issues about the two Davids coming out first. Now he can have the spotlight. He has several sure hits in his repetoire and it is really exciting to have watched him grow. His time is coming soon. Timing is everything. He has been remarkably patient while his fans have been waiting impatiently!! That is a good thing.


Why is Jason impacted by "the Davids coming out first"? That certainly didn't apply to Kristy Lee Cook. Her album came out before the Davids and she was in the same cast.


So excited! - I have been waiting anxiously for his first cd - Jason is just an amazing talent and his new songs are beautiful just like him. Way to go Jason - your fans will be there to support you!


American Idol has been over for 8 months, don't blame the Davids for Jason's album not coming out soon enough for your liking.

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