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Casey Abrams talks touring, health and "inspiration."

Talked to Casey Abrams, this season's 6th place Idol finalist, about touring, his health initiative and assorted topics. For one, he says he feels more confident for having said "No!" to mentor/producer Jimmy Iovine when it was suggested that he sing Phil Collins' 1981 pop hit, In the Air Tonight rather than the jazz standard he preferred, Nature Boy. I reminded Casey that Mr. Iovine might know a thing or two about song selection given he has worked with icons like John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Nicks, Patti Smith and Dire Straits. 

"Before Idol I would say 'Yes' to everything. I was afraid of letting people down," Casey said. "When Iovine came along, he forced me to go after my dream instead of what he was asking me to do. He said, 'Hey, do this song,' and I really didn't want to. Everyone was against me. But I stuck to my guns. I want to do what I want to do and had to stick up for myself. That's why I'm doing so well today. I'm becoming a braver person."

We also talked about his work with the Crohn's Foundation and how he has been inspired as people have shared their stories about dealing with Crohn's and bowel disorders. Casey's involved in a contest where fans can win a chance to see him perform in Vegas. You can learn more about the IBD Icons program by clicking on the link within the story. He's also having a blast on the road with fellow Idols. Unlike Scotty, Lauren, Haley and Pia, no album deals just yet but he's optimistic.

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