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80's Week on American Idol: No Talent Required

Tonight's top 8 will take on the Big 80s, the MTV era, on tonight's American Idol.

Update: Didn't think it was possible to have a worse week than Billy Joel night two weeks ago. But tonight was an all-time worst.

Just goes to show how important a qualified mentor is on Idol. Stevie Nicks last week offered musically sound, expert coaching and elevated everyone's game. Gwen Stefani, by comparison, spoke like a bimbo and is without a trace of talent. She had nothing to contribute to the contestants, and this is what happens. Train wreck.

Worst performance of the night: Phillip Phillips' tuneless, atonal That's All. So bad one wonders if he didn't sabotage the song on purpose just to make a mockery of the show. And he's a double loser this week as his duet with the equally out of tune Elise Tostone on Stop Draggin' My Heart Around was ear-splitting bad. DeAndre was runnerup in the dishonorable mention category and should be the one sent home. But poor Hollie, who technically sang the best tonight on Flashdance, was the only one to weather judges' criticisms. She'll be sent home. Shame.


The @AmericanIdol Twitter account posted the following photo of the band director's set list. If you don't want to know what the contestants are performing close your eyes fast and log out. But of course, you do want to know! Here is a sneak peek at the #idol Top 8's song list that will be performed by @RayChewLive and his band! http://pic.twitter.com/KlFe9pJG

We'll have to see how it shapes up. But if I never hear Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time again I'd be a happy person.

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