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What Native American group lived in what is now Miami when the Spanish arrived?

Miami Circle 

(Archaeological Dig at the Miami Circle Site, ca. 1999, Credit: Scott Smith, HistoryMiami)

In 1998 archaeologists in Miami discovered what we now call the Miami Circle.  It helped helped researchers learn more about a group of Native Americans  who lived at the mouth of the Miami River.

A. The Tequesta


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What modern day groups of Florida Native Americans descended from the Creeks?

Seminole Village 

(___________ Village, ca. 1928, Credit: Claude Carson Matlack, HistoryMiami 1984-095-2)

In the 1800s Creek Indians from Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina began to move into Florida.  The Spanish began to call these Native Americans “runaways” or “wild ones.”

A. Seminole and Miccosukee

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What two reptiles can live in the Everglades together, but only separately other places in the world?

The Evergaldes of Florida 

(Everglades of Florida, ca. 1897, credit: Harry Fenn, HistoryMiami Matlack-185-30)

The Everglades are able to attract many animals because of its location and plant life.  It is also known as the only place in the world where two reptiles are able to live in the same location.

A. The American Alligator and Crocodiles

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What is the name of the fort at St Augustine?

Castillo de San Marcos 
(Castillo de San Marcos (St. Augustine, Fla.), credit: Robert Burk, HistoryMiami 1983-037-1)

Colonial Spaniards built a stone fortress to protect St. Augustine, the capital of Florida. The fort was made of coquina rock. It was attacked several times, but was never taken.


A. Castillo de San Marcos

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