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Who is credited with giving Miami the nickname: "The Magic City"?


(Cover of postcard booklet, circa 1920. Credit HistoryMiami)

The creator of the famous nickname came to Florida from New York, initially settling in Lake County, where he raised citrus and propagated the Bible as a Methodist minister. After the devastating freeze of 1895, he headed for Miami, where, the following year, he organized the First Methodist Episcopal Church. Also during the pivotal year of 1896, when the Florida East Coast Railway first arrived in Miami, and the community, so named, was formally incorporated as a municipality, he commenced work as a newspaper correspondent for Henry Flagler, and served as editor of Flagler's Florida East Coast Homeseeker.  In the same booster spirit that coined Miami's nickname, "The Magic City," he arranged for the city's first convention, a gathering of tobacco growers, and organized the Mid-Winter Fair, the first county fair in Florida.  In his account of our community's early years he related Julia Tuttle's expansive vision which she confided to him in 1896. His initial response: "You have a very active and far reaching imagination." Yet, not too many years later, he had to admit that most of her ambitious predictions had come true.

Answer: E.V. Blackman


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