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What famous American author settled in Coconut Grove in 1886 and lived there for the rest of his life?

Kirk Munroe

The author. Ralph Munroe, photographer. HistoryMiami, 138D.

Not as well known today as some other American authors of the later 19th century, this author was very popular in his own time. Indeed, at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, he was chosen at their favorite author by 10,000 children who attended the fair. He was probably best known for his series, "Stories for Boys,” and authored 36 books and hundreds of magazine articles. After he and his wife, Mary Barr, settled in Coconut Grove in 1886, many of these articles reflected aspects of their new South Florida surroundings, including the Seminoles for whom they developed a deeply felt concern and a mutual relationship of affection and trust. The home they built, called the "Scrububs,” was located near another prominent Biscayne Bay resident who, coincidentally, also had the same last name and who would soon be about the business of building a famous Miami landmark. According to many early Grove settlers, both he and and his wife added much to life about the Bay. 


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Deborah Nester

I doubt that anyone is still monitoring this site, but I am compelled to make a correction, for anyone who might use the information.

The author's name is Kirk Munroe--not Ralph. It was originally Charles Kirk Munroe, but he officially dropped the "Charles" in 1883.

You are confusing him with Ralph Middleton Munroe, another important early founder of Coconut Grove, and a good friend of Kirk Munroe. They are not related.

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