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Art Week: Miami tech startup brings Wynwood street art to life


It's a beautiful day to check out the walls of Wynwood this weekend, and while you are there pop by Freedom to see a few works of Wynwood's finest -- Kazilla, Miguel Paredes, Lebo and Trek6 -- brought to digital life.

A new Miami startup, blackdove, is creating a distribution platform for digital motion art. The vision is to turn your big screen TV into a canvas with affordable, changeable motion art. The free app is available on Apple and Android, and about 15 works, including the Wynwood pieces, are free to download. Think Spotify for art. Blackdove now is integrated with Google Chromecast; AppleTV and other integrations are on the way. And coming soon: a blackdove marketplace to purchase the art at prices typically ranging from $10 to $100. "The traditional art world wants you to believe arts is not accessible," said co-founder Marc Billings. "We want to make art accessible." 

The startup is launching this week, but the founders have been at the startup game for awhile. Pictured here with a Miguel Paredes creation is Billings, the team's tech wizard, who most recently was part of the co-founding teams of itopia and Boatsetter, and Tito Gaudenzi, who has marketing and advertising experience and ran a global event company. Their third cofounder is Marisa Terrizzi, chief curator.
"We encourage people to come in and see the art and interact with it," said Gaudenzi, adding that the response all week has been overwhelming. The Wynwood pieces, plus a selection of other art, and blackdove team members will be on hand from noon to 8 Saturday and Sunday at 48 NW 25th St.

-- Nancy Dahlberg | @ndahlberg


Download blackdovevid.MOV