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Goldman Properties Celebrate Miami Art Week With "Fear Less" Exhibit Featuring 12 New Works at Wynwood Walls

Shepard Fairey, Venus Williams, Jessica Goldman-Srebnick, Patricia Field (MannyofMiami)

Wynwood Walls presented Fear Less an exhibit featuring 12 new walls created by artist Ken Hiratsuka (Japan), AVAF (Brazil), Beau Stanton (CA, USA), Case (Germany), Dasic Fernandez (Chile), David Choe (CA, USA), Faith47 (South Africa), Felipe Pantone (Spain), Findac (UK) , Okuda (Spain), Pixel Pancho (Italy), Risk (CA, USA), and Tatiana Suarez ( USA)

Ron English and Janet Goldman (MannyofMiami)

Guest in attendance included the Goldman family, Janet Goldman, Joey Goldman, Jessica Goldman-Srebnick, Scott Srebnick, artist Ron English, Shepard Fairey, model Petra Nemcova, tennis great Venus Williams, nightclub impresario David Grutman, cell stylist Patricia Fields, and artist Peter Tunney.

Petra Nemcova (MannyofMiami)

Wynwood Walls is located at 2520 NW 2nd Avenue between 25th and 26thStreets

​Photos by MANNY of MIAMI