Patrick McMullan's Art Basel 2015 - Dec. 3

Kehinde Wiley, Sean Kelly
Absolut Elyx and Water For People Art Basel benefit at Delano South Beach
Delano South Beach, Miami Beach, FL
December 3, 2015
©Patrick McMullan
Photo - Patrick McMullan/PMC



Richie Shazam, Ryan McGinley
PAMM Presents Dimensions by Devonte Hynes and Ryan McNamara
Perez Art Museum Miami, 1103 Biscayne Blvd, Miami Beach, FL
December 3, 2015
©Patrick McMullan
Photo - Jared Siskin /PMC

Dev Hynes
PAMM Presents Dimensions by Devonte Hynes and Ryan McNamara
Perez Art Museum Miami, 1103 Biscayne Blvd, Miami Beach, FL
December 3, 2015
©Patrick McMullan
Photo - Jared Siskin /PMC



Rebecca Dennis, Marc Dennis, Valentine Uhovski
TUMBLR hosts a Shack-tacular night featuring art by Marc Dennis
Shake Shack, 1111 Collins, Miami Beach, FL
December 3, 2015
©Patrick McMullan
Photo - Sean Zanni/PMC

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Art Basel: Orgy joins the lineup of Miami Art Week events

001.KK (1).jpg

Naked bodies, fine champagne, free condoms: A real-life orgy -- of sex, not art -- is coming to Miami for Basel.

The event, to be held Saturday night at a space in Little Haiti, is billed as a "feminist" orgy.

Only single women and couples are allowed to attend. Single men are forbidden. There is a no-mask, no-entry policy. Think "Eyes Wide Shut," but for a hipper, millennial crowd.

"When women are in the zone and happy, pretty much anything can happen," said Gweneth Lee, North American director for Killing Kittens, the company that hosts the orgies. Its founder, Emma Sayle, is reputed to be a pal of Kate Middleton. (Killing kittens refers to a euphemism for masturbation.)

Art Week in Miami was a natural time to throw a sex party, Lee said.

"You have all the beautiful people from all over the world coming to town," she said.

The first hour or two resembles a cocktail party -- people drinking, milling around, flirting. Then the fun starts, but the standard rules of the social universe don't apply: only women are allowed to proposition men.

"Once a few couples start kissing, " Lee said, "the whole gang gets going."

Separate bedrooms are provided. Participation is not required -- some guests show up just to watch.

Most people keep their clothes on in the early hours, but a few women strip down to their "knickers and heels" as soon as they walk in, according to Lee. Between 75 and 100 people are expected to attend. Single ladies can come free. Couples must pay $300 for standard entry and $500 for open bar.

If you want to sign up, do it fast. The company vets participants beforehand and the process takes at least 24 hours. The website is http://www.killingkittens.com/
Killing Kittens last sank its claws into Miami in 2012, according to the New Times.

-- Nicholas Nehamas, [email protected], @NickNehamas

Photos: Paris Hilton feted by Paper magazine at Miami Beach Edition Hotel


Last November, before she was complaining about her pregnancy weight, Kim Kardashian was in fine form on the cover of Paper magazine. The pictures of the reality star’s greased-up ample backside are etched in many a memory bank. Now it seems Paris Hilton, who hired Kardashian as her personal assistant back in the day, is trying to outdo her former minion. For her Paper Winter 2015 shoot, the hotel heiress is seen in one image, naked except for a backless contraption tied on. In another pic, Paris gets all Gothic, with black lipstick and nails, a sharp contrast to her usual girly, feminine vibe. To celebrate the so-called Fandemonium issue, Hilton was feted at The Miami Beach Edition Hotel Tuesday night, along with a small squad of friends and so-called tastemakers. The tequila-fueled dinner at Matador included such guests as Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor, the ex of Duran Duran bassist John Taylor; Canadian photographer Petra Collins; and Paper’s editorial director Mickey Boardman. Along too: Paris’ troubled little brother Barron Hilton, who was arrested in February for going ballistic on an international flight, but was on his best behavior, spies say.  


Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.11.41 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.11.31 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.11.23 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.11.12 PM


Miami chefs dine on Nordic cuisine at Art Basel


Chef Fredrik Berselius is cooking in Wynwood for Art Basel, dishing out his Nordic-inspired food in a collaboration with Volvo and Bon Appetit magazine that also includes the work of multimedia artist Chris Doyle. 

Berselius served a three-course meal Wednesday at MAPS Backlot, 342 NW 24th St., that included black potatoes cooked in butterfat, squab, and a dessert of tart and sorbet with dried mushroom, blueberry and spruce. 

Invited guests at dinner included Miami chefs Michael Schwartz and Ingrid Hoffmann, plus former "Top Chef" contestants Dale Talde (who recently opened his Talde restaurant in Miami Beach) and the couple Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth (opening two Miami Beach restaurants next year), who sat with Dolce Italian's Paolo Dorigato (winner of BravoTV's recent "Best New Restaurant").

Berselius and Doyle are back at it Thursday, presenting their food and art to a larger crowd at MAPS starting at 4:30 p.m.   

By Evan S. Benn, Miami Herald Food Editor, [email protected] @EvanBenn




Miami Art Week: "ELLIS" a film starring Robert De Niro at Galerie Perrotin Pop-Up

If you have time for only one event during Basel week, go to the Design District, where Galerie Perrotin is showing the starkly beautiful film “ELLIS”, starring Robert De
Niro. Not only is the price right – it’s free – but also, it may cause you to ponder the various issues surrounding immigration to this country – both in the past and current day.

The 14-minute short film was conceived long before Donald Trump made immigration the leading topic of the presidential debates, long before the Syrian civil war forever imprinted images of lifeless children washed up on a Mediterranean shore, and long before a cry to halt immigration of Syrians into this country in the wake of the Paris terror attack (which included a recent immigrant from Syria).

French artist “JR” began working on ELLIS shortly after the abandoned hospital reopened for public tours in October 2014. The facility had lain derelict since 1954. Many of the
windows were missing or shattered. The walls were a mass of blistered and peeling paint. The floors and walls reduced to concrete rubble in places. A rusted bed frame, with coils intact, and rotted doors lay strewn about. A jumble of wooden slated chairs provided the perfect backdrop for JR to place black-and-white headshots. It’s as if the seats have absorbed the essence of the immigrants who once sat there. 

JR – a pseudonym assumed by the former graffiti artist who now is known for his monumental photographs and public installations – used actual images of immigrants who
came to Ellis Island. Those images appear throughout the film and in several ink-on-wood portraits that are also on display in the pop-up gallery on the second floor of the Melin Building. The process JR used to transfer the images to the wood, give them a faded, ghostly appearance.

Their serious, straight-forward gazes appear throughout the wall art and film. The backs of a family can be seen in silhouette on the outside of a window, looking toward the
Statue of Liberty. A man in a fedora has a firm grip on a valise, while a young boy in a newsboy’s cap hoists a duffle bag on his right shoulder. A woman in a long skirt and bun lay down upon a public bench in exhaustion, and her image is superimposed above a rusted cot. The heads of white robed doctors and nurses peek above the surgery, where the white subway tile has fallen away.

All had to come through the Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital, which screened them for communicable diseases or mental illnesses.  The hospital could serve as either a portal to the new world and a new life, or an impenetrable barrier. 

“If a family came and the father was sick, then the whole family was told to go back,” says Marc Azoulay, the film’s producer. “Of the 12 million who arrived, only 200,000 were sent back,” he adds.

The central theme of ELLIS is that of an immigrant from an unnamed country who cannot cross into New York because of some unnamed disease.  It tells the improbable tale of the unnamed character, played by De Niro, who hides in various places in the hospital and remains undetected. He can be seen roaming the abandoned hospital, cloaked in a black trench coat that makes him stand out in a predominantly snowy landscape.

With the poignancy of one returning to a childhood home, De Niro takes the viewer through the corridors and rooms of the Ellis Island hospital. His memories are foggy, as are several scenes of the Manhattan skyline, its skyscrapers looming like icebergs across the icy harbor.

Those buildings become an illuminated beacon when De Niro’s character talks of his yearning to fly across the water that separates Ellis Island from a new life in New York and beyond.

“Where I could find peace,” De Niro says. “Where I could be treated like anyone else. Where I could be anyone I wanted to be.”


What: ELLIS, a film directed and produced by JR, starring Robert De Niro, and written by Eric Roth, and an exhibition images placed on wood JR, in a Pop Up Exhibition from Galerie Perrotin

Where: Melin Building, 3930 NE 2nd Avenue, Suite 201, Miami

When: Dec. 2-7, 11 a.m.-7 p.m.

Admission: Free

By Siobhan Morrissey / [email protected]


Art Basel 2015: Bacardi and Swizz Beatz bring the baddest 3-day party with Alicia Keys and Wiz Khalifa


Launching on Thursday, Dec. 3,  Bacardi & Swizz Beatz present the No Commission Art Fair and the Untameable House Party Concert Series at 35 NE 29th St. in Wynwood.

Curated by The Dean Collection/Swizz Beatz and Nicola Vassell in partnership with Bacardi, the No Commission activation is a contemporary art fair experience curated by The Dean Collection to forge a direct link between artists' practices and art patronage. The fair provides exhibition space at no cost and artists retain 100 percent of sales proceeds to aid studio development.

Artists in the gallery include Hebru Brantley, Dustin Yellin, Zio Zigler, D*Face, Clint Jenkins, Michael Vasquez, and Shepard Fairey, to name a few.

It wouldn’t be a Bacardi Art Basel party without an open bar (sponsored by Bacardi, of course) music, and there is an impressive 3-day lineup. Here is the lineup for the Untameable Concert Series

Thursday, Dec. 3
Alicia Keys, Hannah Bronfman and Nana Kwabena (11 p.m. - 2 a.m.)

Friday, Dec. 4
Pusha T, DJ Esco & A-Trak (11 p.m. – 2 a.m.)

Saturday, Dec. 5
Swizz Beatz, DMX, DJ Runna, Araab Muzik, Wiz Khalifa (Dj Set)  (11 p.m. – 2 a.m.)

To RSVP for the Bacardi Basel Party, just click here.

Miami.com's Guide to Art Basel Parties 2015


If you're having difficulty planning out your Art Basel 2015 party schedule, have no fear - our guide to Art Basel parties is loaded with events for every kind of Basel-goer. For the complete list, please click here. For now, here’s a look at the next couple of days.

Tuesday, December 1

Basement's 1 Year Anniversary - featuring Seth Troxler, Nicolas Matar and Orazio Rispo. Hosted by Paper Magazine, Silencio, A Hotel Life and One Management, the event will feature a Material Art Fair. From 11 p.m. at Basement, 2901 Collins Ave, Miami Beach. RSVP to [email protected].

Favela Beach: Nightlife Is Beautiful at Wall - hosted by Mr. Brainwash and featuring Jusske, Ruen and Reid Waters. From 11 p.m. at WALL, 2201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach.

Arlin's Trio at Regent Cocktail Club - from 7 p.m. at Regent Cocktail Club, 1690 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.  

Rum & Bass at Coyo - featuring Walshy Fire & Friends. From 11 p.m. at Coyo, 2320 NW 2nd Ave, Miami.

Wednesday, December 2

Dubwise at Coyo - featuring Yaadcore, Tippy I and Corey Chase. From 11 p.m. at Coyo, 2320 NW 2nd Ave, Miami.

Snowbirds & Flamingos at Libertine - hosted in association with Art Report and featuring performances by special guests DJ Kindness (NYC), WRESTLERS and a slew of Big Apple and Magic City locals. From 10 p.m. at Libertine, 34 NE 11th Street, Miami. Admission is $15 with RSVP via libertinemiami.com/snowbirds.

DJ Harvey at Basement - from 11 p.m. at Basement, 2901 Collins Ave, Miami Beach. RSVP to [email protected].

Havana Nights at Regent Cocktail Club - featuring Renoir & friends. From 7 p.m. at Regent Cocktail Club, 1690 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.  

Sultan & Ned Shepard at E11EVEN - from 11 p.m. at E11EVEN, 29 NE 11th Street, Miami. Tickets are $20 via www.11miami.com/artbasel. Set times TBA.

Behrouz & Friends at WALL - featuring Damian Lazarus and Bedouin. From 11 p.m. at WALL, 2201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach.

By Amanda Mesa | @thegirldowntown


And now for some parties and pop-ups you probably WILL NOT be able to attend. Complete list just click here. For now, a look at the next couple of days:

Monday, Nov. 30

ARTCELERATION Featuring RETNA: Getting a jump start on the Baseline, New York's Hoerle-Guggenheim gallery is hosting a live painting event by graffiti artist to the stars, RETNA, who may or may not have been doing performance art when he trashed an LA art gallery recently, and who will hopefully not smash the Ferrari F430 Challenge he plans to paint. The event is by invitation only and will take place at Macaya Gallery, 145 NW 36th St. 

Design District Tour: A private tour of the DD's swanky new stores and a sneak peek of the area's most anticipated art exhibitions led by the DD's Don Corleone, Craig Robins and L Real Estate's Mathieu Le Bozec at 3:30 p.m. The tour ends in the Palm Court Events Space with remarks by Robins, curator Jeffrey Deitch, Hermes USA CEO Robert Chavez and architect and Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Mohsen Mostafavi

Tuesday, Dec. 1

Galerie Gmurzynska/Sylvester Stallone at ex Versace mansion: Long before Basel was anything but a city in Switzerland to Miami folk, Sly Stallone was doing art. Making art. Painting. We remember his house parties in Miami celebrating such. Sly was a visionary and is back in town for Art Basel and a private party at 8:30 p.m. that he will co host with art curator and critic Germano Celant

Reception for Magnificent Jewels & Sotheby's Diamonds: Invite only 1 percentfest at the Sotheby's penthouse from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Soho House Kick-Off Party hosted with White Cube & Vinyl Factory: An invite only 'do hosted by Soho House's Nick Jones, London art gallery White Cube's Jay Jopling and indie British music and arts enterprise The Vinyl Factory. Disco legend Giorgio Moroder will spin while Moet & Chandon and Bombay will keep the crowds (de)hydrated. Also happening at Soho is the Calypso St. Barth boutique, open to members and guests December 3-6 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily through Sunday, where you never know who may be in the market for a caftan or ten.

Opening Reception for Unrealism: Art world machers Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch have organized this exhibition which will kick off its opening with a private party at 5 p.m. in the Moore Building.

Jose Andres Pre-Art Basel Cocktail with Africa Aycart: Spanish chef Andres welcomes Spanish artist Aycart at this invite only cocktail party at The Bazaar from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Icons by Pamela Hanson: Celebrating her latest photo exhibition of limited edition prints to benefit World Housing, fashion and celeb snapper Hanson is having a private cocktail party at 6:30 p.m. at the Shore Club. Her exhibition features Naomi Campbell, Nadja Auerman, William Baldwin, Kate Moss, Carla Bruni, Helena Christensen, Eva Herzigova and Michaela Bercu, so you never know whom of the aforementioned may show up. 

DuJour Magazine Party: Delano Beach Club. Private. 10 p.m.

PK SHOP Inaugural Cocktail: Paul Kasmin Gallery's PK SHOP, called #TheNightYouLeft is emerging at The Nautilus and celebrating with a cocktail party, by invite only, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. This time around, the shop will feature wearable and collectable art by Deborah Kass, Erik Parker, John Gordon Gauld, Nir Hod, Mark Ryden and Will Ryman, among others.

Design Dialogue at the W South Beach: A moderated talk between fashion and art hosted by, wait for it, Heat player Amar'e Stoudemire and art collector Robbie Antonio moderated by Surface Magazine editor in chief Spencer Bailey. 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Private.

Brickell City Centre's Illuminate the Night VIP Unveiling: The behemoth Brickell City Centre is taking one block of its 9.1 acre construction site and turning it into "an incredible deconstructed event space" featuring a performance by Wooden Wisdom, the duo comprised of actor Elijah Wood and former record label dude turned DJ Zach Cowie.  Invited guests will witness the first-time illumination of the newly completed Brickell City Centre CLIMATE RIBBON™, "imagined" by famed designer, Hugh Dutton and get to take selfies in front of British pop artist Allen Jones's 23-foot, 6-ton sculpture “Dancers," on display for one day only over Art Basel.

Hillary Clinton Fundraiser: Timing is everything, and the Democratic presidential hopeful will be in town for some private fundraisers including one at 5:30 p.m. at a Miami Beach apartment building to which supporters can attend for $2,700 including small talk and a photo op, or  $1,000 just to breathe the same air. Clinton will also be in Pinecrest at the home of Democratic fundraiser/businessman Chris Korge that night. For more information, email [email protected]

Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House opening 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Wynwood. By invite (not even a plus one) only and featuring interior designers Sam RobinDanielle BuscaMatt MacdonaldElizabeth Martin and Fernando Wong.

The Art of Shade: Some would say this is the quintessential title for all of Art Basel Miami Beach, but then again, TUUCI, a Miami-based outdoor shade manufacturer, is hosting its own event from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. at MAPS backlot, 342 NW 24th St., featuring graffiti artists Ricky Mastrapa AKA AbstrktAlex Vahan AKA Quake and Luis Berros using TUUCI parasols as canvases. Food and drink too. 

Mark Anthony Green Welcome Reception at Dream South Beach: Invite only party at 9 p.m. for GQ editor turned artist Green who will debut an installation described as his "most raw, most envelope pushing exhibition by far."

Wynwood Walls VIP Party: Following a private hootenanny from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., Wynwood Walls opens to the public with a bash from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. with a litany of artists including Alexis DiazCaseCrashCryptikel SeedErnest ZacharevicFafiHuemanLogan HicksThe London PoliceMagnus Sodamin and Pichi & Avo. 2520 NW 2nd Ave.

Palmeiras Beach Club at Grove Isle opening: Debuting the newly revamped hotel, restaurant, bar, beach club and spa, Palmeiras is hosting a VIP only Soiree Blanche (white) party with exhibitions by Venezuelan artists Flor Troconis and Rafael Barrios.

Architectural Digest Art at 1 Hotel: Private party with AD ed-in-chief Margaret Russell, 1 Hotels founder Barry Sternlicht, and LeFrak CEO and namesake Richard LeFrak celebrating art by Hilary Harnischfeger, Robert Lazzarini, Philippe Malouin, Michele Oka Doner and Carlos Rolon/Dzine.  6 p.m.

Lesley Abravanel / [email protected]


Art Basel: pop-up shops remain


At least two pop-up shops remain open this weekend, as Art Basel Miami Beach enters its final days.
Cult Collective, at 1655 Meridian Ave., just off Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, offers an array of apparel and jewelry from independent designers from Latin America and Miami. In addition to the colorful assortment of clothes, the store also has vintage furniture and home décor items.
Among the offerings: Carla Fernandez's collection of apparel, hand-woven in Mexico, priced from $75 to $450.
Overall, prices range from $35 for jewelry to $20,000 for a Fornasetti vintage table, said pop-up co-owner Claudia Mendoza.
Cult Collective will be open through Wednesday. 

Art Market, in the lobby of the Mondrian, 1100 West Ave., Miami Beach, offers unusual, artist-designed products.
The pop-up, owned by Doreen Remen, has a range of items, including a puzzle of Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe, $16.99; a Keith Haring wooden pull-toy, $75; a Dee Ocleppo tote bag designed by Marc Quinn - whose proceeds go to Autism Speaks, $350; and a Jeff Koons split rocker plate, $475.
The pop-up shop will be open through Sunday, said Brianna Cohen, Art Market's content manager.
- Ina Paiva Cordle



Art Basel: Niche Media Art Basel Magazine Women in Arts Luncheon draws luminaries

Niche Media held its annual Art Basel magazine Women in Arts luncheon on Friday, at Katsuya Restaurant at the SLS South Beach.
The event, hosted by Art Basel magazine editor-in-chief Sue Hostetler, honored four leading women, Madeleine Gyrnzstejn, Brooke Neidich, Lynda Benglis and Teresita Fernandez.

About 100 attendees munched on miso cod, chicken teriyaki, spicy yellowtail rolls and more at the luncheon, sponsored by Baha Mar Residences,
Among the artists in attendance were Carrie Mae Weems and Tracey Emin. Other luminaries included Kevin Systrom, co-founder and chief executive of Instagram, with his girlfriend Nicole Schuetz, founder of Sutro Energy Group, and Nadja Swarovski, member of the executive board of Swarovski Crystal.
-Ina Paiva Cordle

Kevin Systrom and Nicole Schuetz, Niche Media luncheon
Kevin Systrom and Nicole Schuetz


Nadja Swarovski, Niche Media luncheon
Nadja Swarovski


Carrie Mae Weems, Niche Media luncheon
Carrie Mae Weems




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