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Kim Kardashian
Paper Magazine and Sprout by HP Present: Break the Internet Issue Launch Party with Cover Star Kim Kardashian
1111 Lincoln Road, Miami, FL
December 4, 2014
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Mia Moretti, Joe Jonas
Paper Magazine and Sprout by HP Present: Break the Internet Issue Launch Party with Cover Star Kim Kardashian
1111 Lincoln Road, Miami, FL
December 4, 2014
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Art Basel: Shen Wei dance casts a spell

Shen Wei Dance Arts members performing at The Freedom Tower Thursday

By Jordan Levin | jlevin@miamiherald.com

I knew that Shen Wei, the choreographer and dancer, used his body and his movement instincts to create the paintings in his debut museum exhibit, Black, White & Grey – painting with hands and arms, sweeping brush across canvas. But it was still startling to see how his 11 paintings at the MDC Museum of Art + Design seemed to surge across the canvas, how the splashes and flows of paint pulled your eye forward and back, how the energy of their making seemed to leap from the surface.

Shen has drawn from that energy with the performance he created for his troupe Shen Wei Dance Arts, which had a VIP opening preview Thursday night. The dance extends his paintings into three dimensions, into movement that swirled through the galleries at the Freedom Tower. The effect was hypnotic, quietly magical.

The exhibit marks a new creative and career milestone for the MacArthur Genuis Award-winning choreographer, and is one of the biggest artistic projects that MDC has ever done. Thursday’s opening drew 400 people, including dozens of friends and supporters of Shen’s from China and New York. The galleries were filled with elegantly gowned and suited Chinese, and echoed with the sound of a language almost never heard in Miami. They besieged the quiet, patiently smiling Shen with congratulations, greetings,
requests to pose for photos in front of his paintings. Even his parents and brother were there, come all the way from China.

Choreographer and artist Shen Wei watching his company perform Thursday

Shen’s reputation and cross-genre appeal also drew Miami dance and visual artists, as well as Zimbabwean choreographer Nora Chipaumire (who’s doing an “under the radar” performance at the Little Haiti Cultural Center at 7 p.m. Friday.) Also on hand was MDC president Eduardo Padron, who said he’d admired Shen Wei’s work since the college presented his company back in 2003.

The 12 dancers, wearing softly draped, Shen-designed pants and tops in – yes – black, white and grey, performed in the middle of the crowd, which formed a deep circle around them. The formation increased the feeling that the dancers were drawing energy from the paintings around them. They started in trios, slowly and continuously curving, arching, reaching out or up, curling to the floor, to a liquid ticking rhythm suspended between a clock’s ticktock and dripping water. The irregular, random-seeming shapes of their spiraling, twisting bodies echoed the surging, splashing images on the walls, as if the paintings were flowing off the walls and coming to life. Rotating around a central pillar, the dancers came together in groups of six, then twelve, so that they seemed like a single shifting, multi-part organism - or a softly but precisely morphing machine.

Despite the stress of dancing in a tight space surrounded by a crowd, many filming or snapping photos, the seven men (many with monk-like, close-cropped hair) and five women stayed serenely, but utterly focused – their quiet gaze helping to draw you in.

Shen Wei Dance Arts surrounded by a crowd Thursday evening​

The audience followed them into a second, larger gallery, where the dancers energy rose, legs or hips suddenly snapping out, one or the other dancer briefly whirling into faster motion, even as their group moved in a tighter circle, like an irregular, slow motion whirlpool. And then they subsided quietly into the floow, as if the metaphoric wind and water they’d summoned from the canvas was also pooling, coming to a natural end.

As will the performance – which takes place five times Friday through Sunday, never to be repeated – or at least not in this space or these circumstances. Although reservations for the free performances are maxed
out, MDC organizers expect some spaces to open up as people change their minds or are otherwise derailed by Art Basel chaos – which they’ll open up on a first come basis. It’s worth lining up for the chance.

Shows are at 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 1 p.m. Sunday, at the Freedom Tower, 600 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. Free parking at MDC Lot 7, between NE 5th and 6th Streets and NE 2nd and 1st Avenues.


Art Basel: Theo Jansen's "strandbeests"

Strandbeests at Art Basel

Theo Jansen calls them “strandbeests,” but when his large mechanical sculptures put in an appearance at Art Basel on Thursday, it was more a case of beauty and the beach.

The Dutch Da Vinci hails from Holland, where a beach has been named in his honor because that’s where his beasts first came to life, so to speak. So, it was perfectly fitting that Miami Beach would host their coming out party in America.

(Click Here to Watch Strandbeests Go For A Stroll)

At first glance, the sculptures — which look like exoskeletons made of PCV pipe and twist ties — may appear ungainly when stationary. However, when the wind catches them they reveal a hidden grace in their determined forward march along the sugar sands behind the W Hotel on Miami Beach.

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Art Basel: Escape to the past at CasaLin

Unnamed (4)
Miami artists (from left) Beatriz Mendoza, Sebastian Portuondo, Christina Pettersson, and Emanuel Rivas recreate a 1914 artist picnic.

A bucolic old-fashioned picnic with croquet and champagne, earnest young artists toiling over delicate decorated leaves and tiny dollhouses, lush greenery for sheltering from a passing sun shower. Visitors to the New World School of the Arts’ annual breakfast and event at The Yard @Casalin in Wynwood on Thursday morning were treated to an idyllic escape from Art Week frenzy.


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Miley Cyrus Dazzles at Art Basel Miami Beach Show at Raleigh Hotel


In a bizarre and emotionally transparent performance, Miley Cyrus mocked her own music, opened up about her dark year and belted some Led Zeppelin. Oh yeah, and she smoked pot onstage, too.

Wearing a silver metallic Cleopatra wig and bright turquoise eye-shadow, Cyrus kicked off the poolside show at the Raleigh Hotel in South Beach singing a duet of "Super Freak" with a topless woman. The Wednesday night performance was one of the top bills during the star-studded week of the prestigious Art Basel Miami Beach.

Cyrus played mostly covers, including Led Zeppelin, the Beatles "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and Johnny Cash, telling the audience she understood they were serious about real art and probably weren't fans of her pop-music style.

"You thought (Art Basel) was a respected place where you could escape me," said Cyrus, who talked about her difficult year after her controversial gyrating performance at the MTV Video Music Awards and the death of her dog.

(For more photos, click here. Below are a few more pics posted on Twitter)

The former Disney star said it took her to a dark place and made her realize many of the things she was doing seemed meaningless.

"This year has constantly challenged me, and that's why I started doing art," she said before launching into a song she wrote after her friend's cat spoke to her in a dream. The macabre song, which she also played on the piano, seemed to get to her and she abruptly banged on the keys at the end, saying she was sick of talking about death and wanted to move onto something fun.

Later in the show, she donned a massive rainbow with a cutout for her head, while two other performers wore mushroom costumes. At one point, two costumed sharks and a penis also ran across the stage. Despite distractions of bubbles floating through the air and falling confetti, one thing stood out — Cyrus' vocal chops.

"Usually I don't smoke weed and drink, well that's a lie ... usually I don't smoke weed and drink on show days, but I felt like it was fine in Miami," said Cyrus, whose boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger, also attended the party, hosted by designer Tommy Hilfiger, art dealer Jeffrey Deitch and V Magazine.

Offstage, art also abounded as a trio of naked ladies covered in body paint, wearing only giant wigs and black thigh high boots posted for pictures. Neon-necklace clad plastic baby dolls were tucked into tree branches throughout the pool deck.

Inside several poolside cabanas, art installations showed video images of Cyrus with a neon green Oz-like background alongside strangely photo-shopped images of her and messages accusing her of torturing her real fans and urging her to "stop posting terrible art."

(For more photos, click here. Below are a few more pics posted on Twitter)

-- By Kelli Kennedy | Associated Press







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