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Hello my friends from Miami Herald! Here is Rafael Macedo, The Element's Lead Vocals and Lead singer, and i have to say that everyone in The Element's Team is very excited about this incredible event. We also would like to say that Beth Mays(producer/owner/manager of the event) has been doing an amazing job on it.

Thanks for the article, i hope to see everyone there, take care and all the best!

that will be so awesome! I already got my tickets! it's selling fast!
I'm looking forward to april 2010!

see all there! \m/\m/

Rafael: Glad you saw the post! Thanks for reading and replying; I can tell the caliber of the show will be beyond what people expect, and I'm pleased to see that South Florida gets an event of their own.

Debora: And hopefully the metal fans down here can look forward to every year after that if this becomes an annual event! Can you imagine if they grabbed Alestorm or Swashbuckle, one of the pirate metal bands, to cause some havoc on the ship?

Cruise ship terror!

Hi Stephanie-
Thank you very much for your interest and support for the cruise.

We're extremely excited about the trip, coming to Miami and I definitely hope it becomes an annual event. Metal music, in particular THIS brand of it, deserves so much more attention. The level of talent on this event has yet to stop amazing me- it was beyond my hopes to have all these great bands coming together.

Alestorm is certainly on my radar for future events ;) Happy to stay in touch with you as things continue to develop.

By the way- Circle II Circle will also be cruising and performing!

Hello Beth!

Please do keep in touch as this event (and any others) develop. My e-mail is srosenblatt at miamiherald.com. (replace at with @).

Also, I was under the impression that due to a schedule conflict, Pagan's Mind had replaced Circle II Circle on the cruise. Has that changed? Is Circle II Circle performing as well?

Circle ii Circle made a very strong effort to rework their schedules and WILL BE cruising.

Thanks for the information, Beth! I will add an update to the post.

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