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Great, stripped-down hip hop show, like hip hop shows should be. I noticed Nas has dropped and replaced a lot of "n***as" from his live lyrics. I wonder if this has anything to do with making his concert demographic -- white people -- more comfortable when singing along. Weird.

I noticed that too. The Roots have done that as well in recent years.

I'm tired of the typical hip-hop show, though: skipping through too many songs, bad vocal control from the MC(s), bad sound, bombs exploding and gunshot sounds, etc. It just seems very '90s to me.

If I'm paying my hard-earned money, I want musicians onstage playing the music. Artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Common, Lil Wayne, The Roots etc., perform the right way.

were we at the same show????? mayday sound SUCKED!!!!!! Nas sound was clear, and powerful, although the performance my have been a bit subdued. GM ...indifference on all accounts.
my .02

The Listener, from my vantage point (the floor), both Goodie Mob and Nas's sound were muffled. The acoustics of the Knight Concert Hall are meant for live music (instruments). The processed studio sound from Nas and Goodie's DJs came off as bass heavy, and unclear. Highs and mids were often inaudible.

I thought Mayday sounded great. I could hear every bassline clearly, every organ stab, and every tap of the congas, crystal clear.

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