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Great story. I hope the calle 8 crowd appreciates the show they're getting. Something tells me the reception will be less than warm for BOB.

<3 you b.o.b

Cant wait to get the album!

make the call

I was an undercover narc that became a drug addict. They sent me out to Fallon Nevada to refuel the stealth fighter prior to its becoming public.

My handler was a criminal defense attonry in Miami. Melvin Black.

If you get busted go see Mel and take a few lines, he is a coke freak. Not to worry, while Mel is a direct link to the Justice Department they are after the big guy.

If your a small fry who got busted, go to Mel and give up your source, you'll skate. Remember, take a few lines and he will love you.

Manny Mora

Manny the Narc says if you get busted, go to criminal defense attorney Melvin Black

Mel "Let's Make a Deal" Black is a worthless, untrustworthy, Jewish attorney.

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