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So long New Hampshire

Florida lawmakers might dismiss New Hampshire as nothing but a suburb of Boston, but the Granite State is big stuff when it comes to picking the next president of the U.S.

The state guards its position as first primary state in the nation zealously and the Herald spent several days last week talking to voters in the Granite State who are convinced the state, dotted with dairy farms and mill towns, deserves to be at the top of the pack. Read the story here.

And read about one of the most powerful men in politics, New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner, who may not carry a cell phone, but has the sole authority to set the date of the presidential primary here. The Democrat who has been in office longer than Florida's last 12 secretaries of state, also offers his opinion of Florida's most famous Secretary of State, Katherine Harris.

And spend breakfast at a tiny diner where regulars never know when the blue-plate special might come with a visit from a presidential hopeful. That story is here.

And check out the photo gallery as candidates seek votes in high school gynasiums and Boys and Girls Clubs.

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